5 Unsettled Feelings

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Unsettled Feelings

Li Yizheng was studying the trend of bitcoin.

"Ding Dong", a message popped up on his phone.

"Through your friend request, we can start chatting now."

Li Yi Zheng stopped studying and opened the chat page.

But before he could take the initiative to send greetings, the other side had already sent a message to him.

Beautiful since young texted, "Hello, you must be the deskmate whom Shihui mentioned."

When Li Yizheng saw this online name, the corner of his mouth could not help but twitch.

"Nowadays, there are still people who use such narcissistic online names. this must be my future wife, Gu Shihui herself!" Li Yizheng thought to himself.

However, it did not prevent him from replying to the other party's message.

Messenger of justice replied, "Yea."

Beautiful since young: "Just one yea?"

Beautiful since young: "Alright, let's get back to the main topic."

Beautiful since young: "I've already heard from Shihui that you want to buy bitcoin, am I right?"

Li Yizheng's reply was still "Yea".

Beautiful since young: "Alright, Shihui has also roughly explained the whole situation to me."

Beautiful since young: "But I still have to tell you something in advance."

Beautiful since young: "Although the profits in this industry are very high, you also have to understand that the greater the profits, the greater the risks."

Beautiful since young: "So, have you thought it through?"

Beautiful since young: "Now you still have the chance to go back on your words."

The other party sent several messages in a row.

However, she did not urge Li Yizheng to make a decision as soon as possible. After sending the last message, she did not send any more messages.

Li Yizheng also understood that the other party was being responsible toward him by telling him about the risks involved.

However, before this person with the online name "Beautiful since young" accepted his friend request, Li Yizheng had made up his mind to trust Gu Shihui. He decided to take this as a gamble.

He placed all his bets on his trust in Gu Shihui.

He did not make the other party wait too long either.

Messenger of justice: "I understand what you're saying."

Messenger of justice: "I've already made up my mind."

Messenger of justice: "Don't worry, I won't go back on my words."

After sending the message, the other party immediately replied.

Beautiful since young: "Alright, as long as you've made your decision."

Beautiful since young: "I won't say any more nonsense. You should be clear about the trading rules. These two days are the low prices. You can take the opportunity to start buying now."

Messenger of justice: "Yeah, I got it. Is there anything else that I need to pay attention to?"

Beautiful since young: "There's nothing else you should pay attention to. It's just that... do you understand the theory of leverage?"

When this information came out, Li Yizheng raised his eyebrows.

"Interesting. I feel that the goddess won't let me down this time."

Messenger of justice: "Yeah, I know about it."

Just as he sent out the message, he saw another message coming in from the other side.

"Virtual currency leverage is a kind of financial tool. It allows investors to take advantage of small gains. Its role is to magnify the investor's principal and thus obtain more income. Let's say that you are an investor and your principal is now 10,000. After adding five times the leverage, the investor, that is you, have 50,000 capital. "Using 50,000 dollars to buy virtual currency is much more profitable than using your original 10,000 dollars to buy virtual currency."

Li Yizheng saw the long message sent by the other party: "..."

"I was just stunned for a while and replied a little late."

Li Yizheng saw the other party's message: "Entering..."

However, he did not rush her. Instead, he waited patiently.

"Ding Dong."

Beautiful since young: "Although using leverage will yield more profit than principal, it also means that the risk of the investment is greater. Generally, investors who use leverage will have to bear much more risk than investors who do not use leverage. So very few people use it. After all, it requires a strong psychological mentality and endurance. Of course, this is in my opinion."

The messenger of justice: "I also have a prior general understanding of what you have just said."

Beautiful since young: "In that case, there is nothing to pay special attention to, you can consider starting tonight."

Beautiful since young: "According to my individual judgment, you can sell it at around 2 p.m. on the 15th of next month. It will be for a month."

Beautiful since young: "Remember, don't be too greedy. Quit while you're at it."

At this moment, Li Yi was staring at the phone screen thoughtfully.

"On the 15th of next month, at around 2 p.m. ?"

"How did she know the time of sell so accurately?"

"Could it be Gu Shihui on the other side?" Li Yizheng muttered.

He was a little confused but he didn't lose his manners.

He very politely replied, "Thank you."

Then, he locked the phone screen.

The other party also quickly sent an emoji, the text on it was: "Hubby, sticker."

But in less than ten seconds, the emoji disappeared.

And when Li Yizheng unlocked his phone to take a look, it displayed: "The other party has withdrawn."

But he didn't pay much attention to these details. He just assumed that it was a mistake and didn't reply.

He didn't think too much and immediately opened the interface to buy bitcoin.

He kept his eyes on the market trend of bitcoin.

Once he had monitored, he didn't hesitate to click "Enough to buy" and made his move very quickly.

And he directly chose 10 times the leverage.

Not everyone had this kind of boldness.

In the end, it was bought at $199.90, and it was done through a contract.

Very soon, the bitcoin in Li's account arrived.

Even though Li Yizheng was maintaining his composure, he had to exclaim, "How efficient."

After a few seconds, Li Yi Zheng refreshed his phone and saw that the price of bitcoin had skyrocketed, which meant that he had made a profit.

However, before he could recover from his joy., he saw that there was a fluctuation in the price of bitcoin. This fluctuation caused Li Yi Zheng to lose nearly 20,000 RMB.

Li Yi Zheng's heart trembled, so he silently locked his phone screen.

He even told himself, "As long as I don't see it, I'm not losing money."

However, it didn't last long before Li Yizheng couldn't help but unlocked his phone and returned to the current page.

But when he looked closely, the price of bitcoin had already reached 202.4

That meant that in just a few minutes, Li Yi Zheng had earned 30,000 to 40,000 yuan.

Li Yizheng exclaimed, "It's quite exciting."

He also understood that playing this game required strong psychological mentality.

Otherwise, the uncertainty would be unbearable for his heart bear.

After watching the price movements for some time, Li Yizheng's emotions gradually became calm.

His mood was no longer fluctuating.

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