1 The Falling girl

Everybody is walking, either going home,to work, or to get some food, but not Lemontine.

     An 18 year old girl  named Lemontine is walking aimlessly  for the simple reason that she has no destination, she has no money, no food, nothing. Lemontine was seven years old when she saw her parents get robed and killed right in front of her. Now, she is one of the people you see in the streets beginning for money.

     One day, doing the usual, she stumbles upon a woman in expensive clothes calling for her.

     She looks away and begins walking  faster.By the third time her name is called,  she turns around and miserably says "I know...I know I'm discussing, I know...such people like me shouldn't even live, I know I stink, but do you know how I know these things? Well, because I get told these things a thousand times a day, and I fall, and I fall, and I fall...but no one helps. Then the rich lady next to me falls, and she gets food from morning to evening. So, even though she is capable of getting up, everyone comes running to her, secretly hoping for a little treat in return. They don't help me though, because they know I'm not the rich woman. I don't have money and I don't have a Gucci bag so they don't even think once about the...poor....girl....falling, and falling.....until she hits the ground. So you know what? I'm not in the mood right now, so keep walking!" The woman chuckles, causing Lemontine to put on a confused look before the woman says, "I'm rich, I am. But I was here not to fall or to laugh or buy a Gucci bag, but I am here to give you an offer."Ok...w--whats your offer?"asked Lemontine "If you clean and take care of my mansion I will give you proper education and give you a place to sleep and eat" Lemontine drops to the flor and starts crying "Y--yes I will take your offer!"

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