AFTER HUMANITY---By Daizia D. Billups Book

novel - Eastern Fantasy

AFTER HUMANITY---By Daizia D. Billups

Daizia D. Billups

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00: Lost Origins Flashes of lights beamed outside a window of a hospital. A figure, the size of a child, sat quietly in a wheelchair, hypnotized by the sight. Only a glance at the child’s own reflection snapped the kid out of the daze. The bandages were in an awkward position on his face. Though they grasped at his face, there was the exception of his nose, eyes, and frontal parts of its hair. "...This'll be a blast for your first time Arthur! It's nothing like you've ever seen!" Chirped a boy, shaping his lips to a toothy grin. Hearing its surroundings once again, the child turned to the boy behind him. “What about Donald?” The child asked, making the boy smirk in response. "Don't worry about that old man. He's got too much time to waste on gadgets. He won't even notice you're gone until the next day." The child faced downward, pensive about the matter. He moved his hidden lips to say something else, but the boy in front of him yelled out, "It's starting! It's starting! Look!" Turning the child's chair towards the window, the boy pointed to a large tower that began counting down... Ten... Nine... Eight... Seven... Six... Five... Four... Three... Two... "STAY AWAY FROM THE WINDOWS!!!" One…