1 Chapter 1: Protection

"Zhao Siqing, do you have anything to say about the popular little flower Chu Yue's suicide?"

"As a psychiatrist, you previously said that her condition was improving. Now that Chu Yue has committed suicide, do you have anything to explain? "

"Do you have a medical license? Is your Harvard doctorate not worthy of its name? "

"Has your psychotherapy negatively affected Chu Yue? Why would she suddenly choose to commit suicide?


A mass of media and fans were crowding in front of Zhao Siqing's psychological office.

The road was impenetrable. A woman in a blue-gray dress was struggling to move forward under the escort of her bodyguards.

The woman's skin was as fair as snow, her facial features were exquisite, and there was a cold and light aura between her brows.

The cameras and microphones were gathered around her in the room, poking towards her from time to time.

Zhao Siqing's face was slightly cold, and she did not say a word.

Encircled by a series of suffocating questions, she finally walked into her studio.

"Doctor Zhao, what do we do now?" the assistant asked hurriedly.

"Don't panic. Finish the other cases first." Zhao Siqing took a seat in front of her desk and simultaneously turned on her computer.

The assistant wanted to say something, but she hesitated and looked at Zhao Siqing.

Zhao Siqing's expression didn't change. She said gently, "The cases have all been canceled?"

The assistant nodded. "Because of Chu Yue's suicide, everyone outside is now questioning your professionalism."

"How many have been canceled?" Zhao Siqing asked.


Zhao Siqing nodded, indicating that she understood. "You can leave first."


After the assistant had left, Zhao Siqing logged into her Weibo.

Her Weibo Account was a big V with close to 10 million fans, and her popularity had always been high.

There were many people who came to do psychological counseling, and among them, there was no lack of people with high status. Chu Yue was one of them.

As one of the four new starlets in the entertainment industry, Chu Yue was in the limelight and very popular.

She had been treating Chu Yue for almost half a year and her condition had improved.

But last night, she suddenly committed suicide.

This was really a little unbelievable.

Zhao Siqing flipped through the comments on Weibo and could not help but frown.

[What's the use of being good-looking? Rotten vase, I think you should spend more time studying professional knowledge and stop ruining people's lives.]

[Why didn't Chu Yue take you away? You should be underground with her!]

[What were you doing when Chu Yue was sad? What's the point of you as a psychiatrist? I strongly demand that Zhao Siqing's medical license be revoked. You don't deserve to be a doctor at all!]

[Bitch Zhao Siqing, everyone, don't go to her office to see a doctor!]

[Go to hell, GO TO HELL! I won't let you off even if I'm a ghost. I miss my Yue Yue!]

[Trash, why don't you get hit by a car when you go out? I curse your whole family to die a horrible death!]


The comments were almost full of personal attacks on her. The most vicious words could be seen everywhere.

Even though Zhao Siqing had mentally prepared herself, she still hadn't expected it to be this serious.


At this moment, in an office in the Huo Corporation's headquarters.

A man was also reading these comments.

The man's skin had a sickly white color. His lips were red, and his pitch-black eyes were sharp and dangerous.

He was wearing a custom-made white shirt. He sat in front of the computer and unbuttoned two buttons, revealing his fair skin and collarbone. He looked cold and noble.

Huo Jingchen browsed through the comments on Weibo and said, while thoughtfully gazing, "Tang Qi."

"Yes, president." A young secretary quickly pushed the door open and entered.

Huo Jingchen leaned back in his chair and stared at the computer screen with an intent look. "I don't want to see these things again in an hour."

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