After Experiencing Morning Sickness On A Livestream, Fake Young Lady Become An Internet Celebrity!

# SCUM-TORTURING [Live Broadcast Variety Show, Hidden Marriage, Scum-torturing, Mary Sue] The fake young lady with tons of scandals to her name, Gu Ran, participated in survival in the wild variety show. Everyone was waiting to watch her fail, assuming she would cry and retire from the program ten minutes into it. Three days into the live broadcast, other people looked disheveled, lacking food and clothing. Meanwhile, she was out hunting wild boars, fishing in the river, making salt from seawater, and cooking mouthwatering dishes. Everyone cried, “We were wrong! We shouldn’t have stereotyped you, please help us!” Then, Gu Ran, whose survival skills were maxed out, too appealing for words, and had a ton of female fans, suddenly experienced morning sickness in front of hundreds and thousands of viewers! Fans shouted, “Who did this?! Show yourself! We promise we won’t kill you!” The world began searching for her baby’s father. Yet, Gu Ran’s only concern was that her almighty identity might be exposed! A genuine and vicious young lady had wanted to send Gu Ran to the survival program, in hopes of letting her die there, was panicking now. “Isn’t she just a cheap pretty face? Why is she getting more and more popular?!” And so, she began to spread more scandals about Gu Ran. Only, she miscalculated the response this time. Not only did Gu Ran’s fans stand on Gu Ran’s side, but even Gu Ran’s parents came looking for her. They were actually a wealthier and more reputable family compared to the young lady’s! Meanwhile, after excruciating effort on the fans’ part, they finally found the baby’s father. He was the legendary super tycoon of C City whose influence could easily cause an uproar in the entire city! Mo Yancheng feigned distress on a live broadcast, saying, “I don’t hope for much. I just want legal status.” The fans chirped, “This is wonderful. They have to get married!”

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100 Chs

You've Done Many Deeds

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Halfway there, someone grabbed Gu Ran's arm and stopped her.

"What are you doing!" Gu Ran flung Mo Yancheng's hand away and was about to rush in.

"Senior Brother, don't… no…"

Ma Yunyun's voice traveled intermittently in the stairwell, as if someone had covered her mouth.

Gu Ran was anxious, but Mo Yancheng was still looking at her calmly. "Mind your own business."

"You've done such deeds plenty of times before, haven't you? Is that why you're not letting anyone interfere?"

With that, Gu Ran ignored Mo Yancheng's dark expression and flung his arm away with all her might. She rushed forward and kicked open the door to the emergency exit.

Bang! And someone screamed.

The violent noise alarmed Yan Hao and Feng Cheng, who were in the room. The two of them looked at each other. "It seems to be coming from outside."

"Let's go out and take a look."