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After Curfew


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Carolina Pickettes has had enough of the suspense of not knowing where her mother has been or how life is like after curfew. All her life, Carolina had been living a life forced upon the people by the government. No person who has ever lived before the curfew was set wanted to talk about how their life was before the government had decided to ruin it. Not even her father. It almost seemed as if they had been repulsed by the idea of spilling knowledge that could potentially free them all. Due to some certain circumstances, Carolina believes that the fates are trying to discourage her from seeking the answers to her questions, and she is now more determined than ever to sneak past the wall that stands between her and escaping curfew. (Also, just so my readers know, this book is not a fantasy romance. On my device, it shows fantasy romance, and I do not know how to change it to just fantasy or fiction. If someone could tell me how to change the genre, it would be very, very appreciated.)


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