Meanwhile, in Jiang City, the Mo family's servants quietly did their work in the Mo family's old residence as usual. If anything was different about the Mo family, it was probably the red double happiness sticker outside Young Master Mo He's room.

That's right! It was Young Master Mo He's big day! However, the Mo family seemed to not care for the wedding. Especially the groom, Mo He. The bride-to-be was already at the Mo family residence for about four to five hours, yet no one was around.

Xia Yan sat in the bride's room with a traditional red Chinese wedding veil on her head. Her hands were intertwined as she silently muttered something. The wedding was such a waste of time.

Xia Yan woke up early in the morning to freshen up, but no one from the Mo family came to pick her up at noon. It wasn't until two to three o'clock that a black car with two red letters stuck on its window arrived to take her away.

Xia Yan didn't mind. After all, she never intended to agree to this wedding. If she weren't worried about her grandmother's condition, she wouldn't have let others control her.

Xia Yan couldn't help but sigh at the thought of her unconscious grandmother. Suddenly, someone forcefully pushed open the room door from the outside. With a bang, she shuddered and looked in the direction of the door.

Unfortunately, she couldn't see what was happening because of the red veil covering her head and face. However, the other person didn't make her wait. Xia Yan heard hurried footsteps, and before she could react, the person lifted her veil.

She looked up and saw a pair of fierce eyes staring at her. Xia Yan blinked her almond-shaped eyes and stared back.

The other person didn't expect to see such a fierce gaze. The person felt their heart skip a beat when they saw her blinking eyes. However, when the two gazes met, a wave of anger surged through the person. "Who are you?!" Mo He glared at the woman who was sitting on the bed.

Mo He's question was somewhat pointless. The next moment, the woman's fear-filled eyes slowly curved upward. Mo He heard a soft and gentle voice say, "I am your wife!"

Those words struck hard at Mo He's heart as he furiously threw the red veil in his hand to the ground. He harshly accused, "You aren't Xia Rou!"

Mo He wasn't angry because he was in love with Xia Rou. It was because the Xia family dared to replace his bride with someone who wasn't of equal status.

If Mo He hadn't bumped into Xia Rou at the Dawn Manor, he wouldn't have known who this monster was. Xia Yan blinked her eyes and looked at Mo He. "Of course not. I'm Xia Yan!"

Mo He tightly clenched his fists. He knew the woman before him was the Xia family's second daughter, who became disfigured a few years ago. He noticed this because of her signature black mask on her face.

Mo He tried his best to calm down by taking a deep breath. He didn't want to stress his body just for an unimportant marriage. While he tried to remain calm, Xia Yan cautiously looked at the man before her.

'Does Xia Rou like this person? Judging from how he stood before me, he didn't look disabled. Especially his face.'

Xia Yan couldn't help but praise in her heart, 'If Xia Rou knew Mo He was like this, she would have packed her bags and rushed over to marry him! Unfortunately, he's marrying me now.'

Xia Yan's gaze made Mo He feel uncomfortable. He glared fiercely at Xia Rou, turned around, and walked away angrily.

"Hey, where are you going?" Xia Yan got up and tried following Mo He, but he slammed the door shut five centimeters from the tip of her nose. Xia Yan rubbed her nose, turned around, and returned to the bedside to sit down.

She wouldn't have sat there obediently if her future mother-in-law hadn't ordered her not to leave the room without permission.

Mo He quickly walked to the living room and saw his mother, Jiang Qiu, and Qiu Xin sitting together as they stared at him. Qiu Xin stood up and walked toward Mo He as she asked with concern, "Mo He, are you okay? You don't look too good."

Mo He tugged at his tie with annoyance. "Send that woman back to the Xia family!"

Jiang Qiu was stunned as she glanced at the room upstairs. "What's the matter? Did Xia Rou irritate you?"

"She's not Xia Rou!" Mo He's tone became even more vicious as veins appeared on his forehead.

"That's not Xia Rou? Then who is she?" Jiang Qiu looked at Mo He in puzzlement.

Mo He picked up his phone and called his assistant, Liao Chen. Soon after, Liao Chen brought over a few printed documents and handed them to Mo He. Then Mo He spread the documents across the table.

Jiang Qiu and Qiu Xin stuck their heads out to take a look. They couldn't help but gasp at what they saw. "Is the one on top that ugly person from the Xia family?" Qiu Xin made no effort to hide her disgust.

Mu He felt even more sullen when he heard that, while Jiang Qiu immediately instructed the butler to call the Xia family.

"Hello, who am I speaking to?" A scratchy voice echoed from the phone.

"This is the Mo family residence. I'm calling to speak to Madam Xia."

"U-Um, Madam is…" The Xia family's housekeeper stammered.

Jiang Qiu frowned and stared at the butler. "What's wrong?"

The butler was at a loss. He spoke into the phone, "Is Madam Xia busy?"

"N-No, that's not it. Madam Xia misses her daughter so much that she fainted," The housekeeper sighed and spoke the truth.

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