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After Awakening, I Conquered The Whole World

Gu Mushuang

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I... I just literally finished reading the raws of this novel with more than 1100 chapters... the novel was really great. MINOR SPOILERSSSSS the story is based on modern times and the FL who's soul remained dormant for 10 000 years due to being schemed by an enemy finally fuses completely and wakes up after committing suicide. the story was new for me and I was hooked up with it due to the synopsis. the FL is an array master who can tell the future and has many other abilities. in this story it includes demonized spiritual masters(?) and cause and effect(something new to me). I can't really describe everything because I am fumbling with how to say it, but I would really recommend for everyone to read it. if you guys want spoilers feel free to ask.


Holy cheese...THIS IS AMAZING Def one of my favs so far. The FL so cool and she's got this deity-like aura that just makes u wanna bow down to her 😂 (Also, minor spoiler alert: her soul is like...more than 10000 years old). And this story is very interestingg my gods, very refreshing, anti mainstream, very funny, very awesome (like she is very capable and all that) ML is also not a jerk, he actually not that bad (altho he cold at first). Quite frustrated about her brothers and her father but eh..🤷 MINOR SPOILER ALERT Instead of going to the past from the present, this is going to the present from the past (well not exactly but that's the main idea) 🙏🙏HOPE THIS GETS CHOSENN🙏🙏


--Super good plot! This novel is very refreshing to me, far from all cliches. --MC is a very strong magic-practitioner, whose soul was shattered and left wandering after a clash with her enemy, ten thousand years ago. Now, she finally gathered all her soul remnants, and became the original Qiao Jin (the previous Qiao Jin was just a compassionate part of her consciousness). --MC is very funny and cool! I was laughing all the way, especially after seeing her interactions with her mother and how she leaves other ppl totally speechless 😂. --ML is an extremely beautiful person with a weak and sickly persona. Well he has that aura "stay away from me" plastered on him, but there's something cute about him. --One thing I found interesting is that ML doesn't seem to know much about these magics and spiritual powers (he is NOT an all-knowing guy about these things), which makes FL on a upper hand than him. He is very much curious about these things and gains this knowledge through FL. I find him very cute. --The plot is very interesting! I can't seem to find words to explain it very properly but basically many things seems to be connected from thousand of years ago when FL's soul shattered, as magic-practioners and "special" beings still secretly exist in this modern society. It's somehow very mysterious and intriguing. --Till now, I really love this novel, it made me laugh very much and hope that it gets selected.


MY RATING WAS 11/10 After reading it here, I got super hanged and wanted to read it in advance. I searched on google and found the raws and f*cking h*ll I JUST BINGED READ 1000+ CHAPTERS IN JUST 3 DAYS! - the romance was slow but sure. Don't worry about second male or female leads, they were absolutely NO RIVALS that appeared in the entire book. 💕 - warning though, it has this kind of mysterious, creepy, horror, and gore like concept to it. BUT IT WAS WORTH IT. Idon'tevenlikehorrorbutIstillfinisedit itwasamiracle 😂 - the families were great (the forter one for the fl and the biological for the ml). No usual dramas like fiance cheating on the lead, parents not agreeing to the relationship. IT WAS PERFECT, THE FAMILY'S CHARACTER DESIGN WAS PERFECT. - definitely a fantasy genre. But that alone made me want it not to end. The world background was great. - the characters were wholesome, like no extra characters were needed just to further lengthen the story. They were all necessary. - the humor was also good, like I think Mu Qilian was the MVP of the story. lololol - And oh, prepare some tissues for the water works. Although no one in the main characters died, LOTS of parts on the story seriously touched my heart. andIbarelyevencryjustbecauseofanovel 😂 - THE ENDING WAS LIT PERFECT. This book has definitely reached my Top 5 BEST books in my entire life! You won't regret reading it babes~


SPOILERS AHEAD!!!! READ AT YOUR OWN RISK!!! This novel has a very addictive charm. The female lead Qiao Jin is so similar to little stoic face Crown Princess Consort Qiao Mu (My Crown Prince Consort is a Firecracker). Both has a very cold detachment towards others except for their families (but their aura is still cold). The difference is that Qiao Jin is totally detach from humans and their issues as she does not comprehend them or like the dust of humanity can’t land on her. She’s like a goddess that stands up high in the heavens watching over the humans live their lives. She has no concept of family, friendship and love. She knows about being enemies though 😉. She slowly learned these concepts through her interactions with the Mu Family, Song Yanqing and his family, Ji Family, Spiritual/Sprit Group and other people she meets online and other places. She is the most powerful Array Master who has lived more than 10,000 years. This is a rebirth/reincarnation of the same character. The difference was the female lead Qiao Jin was not changed. Her soul was just completed after waking up from coma after she comitted suicide. She was injected with a highly addictive drug (though not all the drug was pushed into her system) enough for her to become an addict and ruin her life. Her soul was in slumber for 10,000 years or so and was completely merged with the last piece, Compassionate Soul(?), after waking up. Hence, her complete self finally resurrected. Back then, she used an array to facilitate this. But she has to pay a karmic price for this, her karmic backlash. This price is for her reincarnation/resurrection that goes against the heavens’ mandate. She has a very strong causality which invokes the karmic blessings and retributions to take effect on those who goes to provoke her with malice and on those who gave goodwill. The story revolves on this as the main premise. The male lead, Song Yanqing, got involved as he has a very strong and dense black death aura that Qiao Jin needs to block her backlash. Hence their entanglement started. Song Yanqing awakened as a Word Spirit Master (let me use this term). His words are the law and the truth. What he says with spirit would manifest and could control other beings too. They have been entangled in the past as Qiao Jin walked on the road as she tried to recover her missing memories. She would encounter the Realm of Demons, demonized spirit masters, redeem demonized spirit masters as needed and discover and guide new high-leveled spirit masters as she tries to lure her old nemesis from her/his hideout. This nemesis was the one who ambushed her and was therefore able to kill her 10,000 years ago. The Mu Family is really fun to read. Feifei, her adoptive mother, is truly a silly white lotus who brought her up well and has a very strong heart. Her love story with Mu Zhenming was well talked about. Her love for watching dog-blood TV dramas helped Qiao Jin understand the intricate human relationships and help her in understanding and uncovering the mysteries she faced on. What’s funny is that this mother and daughter would “fight” for the viewing time on their big TV at their living room. Qiao Jin likes to watch science shows (National Geographics) like evolution etc while Feifei is fighting for TV dramas. Hahaha!!!😂😉 I’ve been reading the raws and so far it is a great reading. Translation wise and updating well, let’s leave that for later. So read this book and have fun with it. I for one am enjoying reading it.🥰


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How did this novel not get chosen??? So sad right now ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️


First, kudos for a well-written novel. Just hope that the translation will do justice for it. The plot was written without any illogical ideas that make you swear and throw the book (in this case your phone or tablet) to the floor. A lot of novels have this illogical sense that lost the initial charm of the story. But this one, thankfully, belongs to the novels that follows a consistent thought. The characters growth and their twists and turns are a delight to read. A lot of unexpected surprises will astonish the reader. The FL, Qiao Jin is a strong, no-nonsense woman. She can kick-ass those villains all the way to Demon World. She thinks first before taking action. She’s steady and not all OP. Hehehe... her weakness.... studying and school attendance. Hahaha!!! 😉😂. Not saying that she’s a delinquent, she does well in school but she’s not a topnotcher like her 2nd brother Mu Qichu. She’s the all-powerful Array Master that ever existed in the world. She only remembered existing 10,000 years ago during the time of the 4 kingdoms where spiritual masters governed the order of the world and guide their respective kingdoms, not interfering in the secular world. She woke up after her suicide with her current consciousness merging with her slumbering consciousness. Hence, giving birth to the Powerful Array Master Qiao Jin. Song Yanqing, the ML, is not the hateful type of ML. He’s the gentle yet decisive ML who’s been sick since he was a child because his life and luck was “borrowed” by another family for their sickly son. He was saved by Qiao Jin of course. Their meeting started at the Song’s Private Hosptial after she awakens where she saw his death aura. His death aura is very beneficial to her. So she saved him from death. Their further encounters started off with her helping him solve his borrowed life and luck and evolving with him participating in her several missions with the spiritual group as the group’s foreign aid. Over time, he slowly fell in love with her and ... hehehe... he guides her to accepting him as a man... first as her friend then as her boyfriend. His reason: being boyfriend and girlfriend would give them legitimate reason to spend time together as often as they want. Really black-bellied.😈. Qiao Jin has no concept of love. She’s learning familial love from the Mu Family, friendship love from her group of ladies, Mo Jiang and others, she’s supporting (initially) and romantic love from Song Yanqing. The supporting characters were well-written too. There’s drama in there as well as cute comedy.😉. You have comedic relief Mu Qilian, adorable grandpas Mu and Ji, seriously serious brothers Mu Qizhi and Qichu, sweet and TV drama addict mommy Qiao Fei (Feifei for Qiao Jin), money-grubber 4K years old m, resurrected-from-the-dead Powerful Array Master (2nd to Qiao Jin) Queen Mo Jiang, Etc. The novel’s length is just right... it’s not overly long like 3K chapters etc that takes years to translate. Pacing is great without any unnecessary chapters as fillers that you can literally skip and you still get the flow of the story. Each chapter is a must-read. There’s no extra chapters just to write the recipe of a food or repetitive character descriptions of how beautiful and handsome the protagonists are. I’m not saying that the author didn’t mention this throughout when it was actually mentioned a couple of times. But it’s not overly done unlike the other novels, repeating the descriptions of their eyes, li** etc... so tiring to read.😪 This novel may be classified as romance novel but for me it is more than that. It has elements of romance but it it’s not the only core. It has elements of suspense, action, comedy and even horror. When you read this book, the consistent thought or theme you would discover is making a choice. Choices that leads to consequences. Consequences that you have a choice to bear or not. Choices are like karma, has its own cause and effect. What would you choose? How much are you willing to bear? How much are you willing to sacrifice? So like I said, romance is not the only main theme. Love and Choices are the core of this novel. So I hope you will enjoy reading this as much as I did. Happy reading!!!🥰😘


There are a lot of lousy stories out there and here comes another interesting story like this but it just doesn't get picked !!!! 😭😭😭😭😭 Can we please, prettty pretty please have more stories like this one and 'Ghost exorcisor' please????? Love this story ❤❤❤ can you guys please help vote for this story so it can get picked?




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this book has the most perfect plot that I've seen so far in books. [img=update][img=recommend] the main character is a mysterious but calm character that every book needs.


I dislike the FL ,nothing special,it doesn't have nice flow,FL talking non sense all the time,nothing hidden about her abilities, .,😴😴😴😴😴😴😴😴 really boring


Omw!!!😳🤩❤️‍🔥 Is it too late for this book to be resurrected?! No. I refuse to believe this is the end! Somebody please continue translating this book😭💔. I love it. It’s in the same genre as ‘Ghost exorcisor’ but a different plot. It’s got it’s own unique world creation and the FL and ML are great so far. Oh, I’m so sad there aren’t more chapters out 🥺❤️‍🩹




omg this book is of the same author who wrote "Wife is fierce, don't mess with her". I love that novel. It's my favorite Military romance novel. .I really want this bookkkkkk. please pick this book. phleeeeeeesee phaleeeeseee otherwise I would have to read the raw version 😭😭😭😭 infact I want you to translate more books of this author. phleeese phleese




The story is intriguing and chapters are very well written The FL is strong with supernatural powers and ML needs her help to live .looking forward to reading more I hope this story is selected




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