After Annuling, I Married The Scumbag's Brother Book

novel - Contemporary Romance

After Annuling, I Married The Scumbag's Brother

First Divorce Then Work Hard

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Right before her wedding, Jian Yan caught her fiancé and stepsister red-handed in an affair. Her fiancé had been nothing but gentle and caring to her over the past three years, and he had brought her out of darkness into light. Yet, the affair was a bolt out of the blue, throwing her into a deep abyss once again. Faced with her stepsister's smugness and her fiancé's condescending explanation, Jian Yan didn’t cry or throw a tantrum, nor did she despair. Instead, she beat up the adulterous couple on the spot. As revenge, Jian Yan married her ex-fiancé’s brother, a man rumored to be handsome and powerful but distant from women. He was cold by nature and had no interest in romance. Her stepsister was in high spirits and couldn’t wait to see how Jian Yan would be hurt by him. Unexpectedly, the man doted on Jian Yan and even said to her stepsister and his brother, "Call her Sister-in-law!"


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