1 (Poseidon's Story) 1. Before the Past...

"Oops sorry clam!" Poseidon had stepped on a clam and it made a loud cracking sound. Almost like if you broke a colored pencil in half.

Poseidon, the god of the sea, was walking across the ocean. The fish were bright green with blue stripes. He looked to his left and into the sky appeared a bright red rainbow and realized it was that time. He kept walking with his head hanging low to the ground.

He was on his way to see his brothers when his feeling of sadness grew. He knew that she will always be with him in both his heart and his mind.

Pacifica, his true love, will always love within him. He then remembered Amethyst and what her desire was, his lover and where she was, and his greatest enemy known to man... Kale.

He suddenly felt a push as if a strong, forceful wind pushed him back. It was so strong it knocked him off his feet and he fell to the cold, hard, and wet concrete. He got up and brushed it off and kept walking. His mind slowly fading away from reality.

*the flashback begins*