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What is Aesir - The New Age

Read Aesir - The New Age novel written by the author Ullyr on Webnovel, This serial novel genre is Fantasy stories, covering romance, action, adventure, reincarnation, r18. ✓ Newest updated ✓ All rights reserved


For many, death is the end. For warriors... it is but a new beginning. A romance novel for the end of time... Literally! The strings of destiny have a strong pull on us all. Every one of us meets the same fate in the end, humans, beasts, and gods. There is something different about James. The strings dance loosely around his being. Fate itself can't hold him down... but his women are a different matter! Join our hero as he clashes with destiny and tries to alter the future! If James isn't subject to destiny's rule... can he prevent the end? Can he cut the strings that bind his lovers' fate? Can he alter the flow of destiny and prevent Ragnarok? Note from the author: This novel will host many of the things you may have wanted to learn about Viking lore, their Gods, and their beliefs! I understand that a lot of readers may not be familiar with Norse Pagan Mythology, so the Main Character will be the same, being introduced and learning the terminology at a slow pace throughout the novel. This novel WILL be R18, keep in mind this is the Viking afterlife. What did the Vikings do in the afterlife? They drank mead, fought hard, and bedded women! (And men, the Norse women were extremely strong and respected!) Tags: R18, Norse, Mythology, Gods, Sex, Harem, Life After Death, Ragnarok, Monsters, Beasts, Fighting Don't forget to check out my other novel: Redo! Last Chance for a Dying World!


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I love what I have read so far, No useless filler chapters or boring chliches, each chapter of this book provides a fun read, I suggest this to any reader who is a fan of well written books 😎


Took me some time to read through the 24 chapters published of the novel, but after giving it a read I can say that it got potential. The starting felt rather rushed or to say the least made it hard for me to imagine the scenes properly to get fully engaged in it. I would personally blame that due to the lack of imagery. But despite this, I can see great potential, as you read further and further into it, you can see the writing quality improving and the hook gets better. I'd imagine the rating I gave to be all the more earnest if I was to rate it by chapter 100. Great work so far!


Reveal spoiler


Reveal spoiler


best book with Norse mythology I have read so far amazing background character design just f*** amazing can't wait for more chaps...........


I love mythological novels and this one is really good, it's promising, has potential and the author actually knows what he is doing. Keep it up!


Fiction has always be my choice and this serves the purpose heavily. I was intrigued by the synopsis. The author has perfect sense of wording. The way you described things has made my imagination clearer of the surrounding and the grammer is precise. Everything is of high quality good descriptions, emotional display and fight scenes. Each chapter is long but it keeps your attention. Just stopping in the middle.of chapter seems impossible. I can see that character development and how he is understanding the system. I added this to my library can't wait for more chapters.


Hi! This is kerawood, an editor of the international writing contest SWA II. I believe your book has great potential, so I invited you to join in a week ago. Please reply to me so I can discuss this with you in detail. This contest is free entry.


I am very happy to leave a review in this wonderful novel. First of all, the writing is impeccable and one could tell that the author is very skilled in his craft. Story is engaging and the world holds a lot of promises. Hey! it's Norse Mythology with a system! That alone speaks volumes of how Epic this novel is going to be. This story is definitely worth checking out, so do yourself a favor and give it a read.


I've enjoyed reading the story. The vivid and descriptive scene is commendable! The future actions in battle scene is also promising. Hope to see this novel be completed. I added the story in my lib to see the progress of the new life of James. Continue writing your ideas, author!


I really appreciate the cure the author put in writing. Descriptions are meticulous and grammar is precise. it’s not the usual novel you can find here but still worthy with a great story development!


This novel is one of the new novels I've read so far that have a solid start, even though the readers were brought into the forefront of Norse mythology. Of course, that's just a small backstory to what was the true story, with Torvald, the MC, embarking on a quest to become stronger. If you want to read a system novel with the main focus being Norse mythology, then I'd highly recommend this one.


Author is still new to novel writing so there's still a lot of room to improve but his understanding of the English language was superb. The story development was kind of fast-paced I'd say take your time developing the scenes and show not tell <- the golden rule kekeke I also had a hard time wrapping my head around it but with practice it's achievable. It was hard to decide on the world background since it was mostly based on Norse mythology but still a good start. The descriptions were amazing and well-written. Good job author! <33


This is my current review of the novel, hopefully you don’t give up because this is very well-done for your first novel. Writing Quality: You have great writing quality when compared to other authors on this site, but it is not perfect. I would suggest editing your novels. Updating Stability: Three novels a week is a very stable schedule, but once again not the best. Story Development: I can tell you’re inexperienced by how rushed the development feels. Take your time on each chapter, quality over quantity. Character Design: Not the best, not the worst. Average. The best description of his personality we receive is when you explain how he basically just has fun in Valhalla. World Development: You are taking an extremely complex plotline for your first novel. First he starts in what I assume is Earth, where for some reason they are at war with Russia and they are losing. Second, you give a horrible explanation of his reincarnation into Valhalla and don’t take the time to explain what the terms you use mean. Not everybody knows Norse mythology, so you should be taking the time to explain it. For your first novel it is extremely good, my advice is to not get discouraged and keep practicing 👍.


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