140 Whaaat

"President! President!"

"Let that man in."

George Herbert Walker Bush or commonly know as just Bush, said as he saw the panicked intern stutter into the oval study where he and the rest of his staff were for lasts weeks, commonly in because of the UFO happenings.

"Mr.President! We have finally found out what the UFO sought!"

"That's great then, isn't it?! Well, boy out with it, what these little green guys want?"

Bush said, not seeing how the rest of his more military inclined staff panicked as they thought that the moment the aliens find what they sought, they would no longer play with gloves on.

"That is the problem, sir! All the alien drones that were seen all around the world in the last hour stopped and all of them changed their previous direction to England! More specific the Highlands of Scotland! But sir, the most puzzling this is that there isn't anything our satellites could detect!"

"No, there is something."

Said voice and most people in the room were alerted looking at the man who wore an old-fashioned formal coat, the same one people saw in the eighties or seventies films.

"Clean the room, just military stays."

"I must protest!"

"Protest how much you want, you yourself promised a quick solution on of this mess, and now it is too late, the entire world saw it, so if your mumbo jumbo can't erase memories of five milliards of people, then you should wake up from your derision of ever achieving of maintaining your obsolete tactics, and pray to tell me did you come to tell me that these clearly advanced hight tech drones are above of your expertise?"

Bush said derisively as the stress of the situation started to worry on his mind, he needed to maintain the USA and same time bootlick these arrogant offsprings of fairies or demons, and now he had actual aliens on his plate...

The most annoying thing was the conspirator's lunatics that boycotted before the white house and were screaming about this being a USA mistake, that the military bound and researched one of the aliens in area 51 and now the other aliens come for payback...

Now that Bush thought about it, maybe it had some truth in it as he looked at the now spluttering man in old robes, yes it seems these aliens were seeking for something, just that something wasn't in USA hands, or any non-magical ones, but the wizard ones...

Bush already could see the newspapers, ALIEN KIDDNAPED BY WIZARDS! OH AND WIZARDS AND MAGIC EXIST!

"But it is MAGIC! Our best archmages did detect magic in these flying contraptions, so it is clearly in our jurisdiction!"

The man shouted, now clearly enraged, but as he started to speak, the others in the room joined in as fallen into chaos until Bush cleared his throat in a really hard way to make them heard it.

"And pray do tell, did it even occur to you, that these aliens found a way to combine Magic with technology?"

Bush said, and could see the gears in that man's mind stop as he stood frozen.

Yes, this would be a lovely day, thought Bush, but at least he wasn't alone in his plight, for he did get report's that every agency, president, or ruler had their asses on fire, some literally as reports of skirmishes between militaries of some countries and wizards were happenings...

It was good that these wizards' Jedi mind tricks didn't work on hidden cameras.




Weiss and Ruby shouted out as they saw their mortal enemies in the room, completely ignoring others as their tunnel vision saw the ones who hurt them and others in last years so much.



Cinder's eyebrow rose as she saw a replica of her's little Aegis little sister, who she herself came to liking, as her cold, calculating mind made Cinder nod her head in acknowledgment of little Weiss who had Aegis wrapped around her cute little finger.

Neo, for her part, just looked at the two with confusion as she tilted her head on her side and made a smiley face with her semblance that had raised an eyebrow in question.

"Let me go! Don't you see thats, Cinder! She works for Salem!"

"Oh, that's late news, dears."

Said a voice that made Weiss and Ruby freeze in place from horrid panic.

And as they looked, both of them widened their eyes in fear as they saw Salem herself sit in one of the chairs by the side of none other than Willow as she was in the middle of sipping tea.

"I fear that little Cinder is no longer working under me, as there is zero naught for her working against the little boy."

Salem said with chuckled as Cinder threw her grateful smile, she still loved Salem as a mother she never had, after all it was her who took her under wing and made her who she is, and even with her last life memories awakened, Cinder never lost her respect and maternal love she held towards Salem.



Weiss asked in bewilderment and Ruby made an unrecognizable sound.

"Weiss, dear, are you alright? Wait... You..."

Willow said as she looked at Weiss strangely, she knew that she looked similar to her daughter, too similar as if it was older her, but at the same time, she knew it wasn't her Weiss who always wore either amused or indifferent face, yet Willow still could feel her love for her children with this Weiss that stood before her and was held by Proto-maids.

"Who, who are you?"

"I too would like that to know."

Asked Willow and Winter who put on a cold face as she protectively positioned between the two unknown girls and her mother.


"Yes, that's my name."

Winter said with a cocked eyebrow.


Now that Weiss didn't make any offensive actions, the Proto-maids let her free and watched how Weiss crashed and hugged befuddled Winter.

"Well, it seems it worked out just good, well minus that explosion, and truly you have a good handle of your projections."

The true Weiss said as she walked into the room and looked at the wall that exploded after glyph semblance knight materialized, just to get pummeled into the wall by Proto-maid.

"Weiss? And Weiss?"

"Im confused."

"Same sister..."

"Did I drink too much?"


"Not now Nora..."

"You shouldn't even drink! You are adolescent!"

"Bite me!"

Voice's rained all around the room, making both Weiss and Ruby looked just freeze at what they saw.

Nora who sat by the fireplace with twig and marshmallows that were on fire.

Ren stood by Klein's side with a butler outfit.

Some ashen-haired girl was sitting by Pyrrhas side...



It happened too quickly, Ruby threw herself on Pyrrha who shrieked in surprise as she couldn't detect any malice from either of the girls, thus making her unprepared for the red ones dive.

"Sister Pyrrha, do you need assistance?"


"Ohhhh! how do you call it when someone stranger hugs you?"


Weiss just amusedly watched the alternate Weiss and Ruby acted, she expected them to act like that, but for them to forget Cinder, Neo, Emerald, and Salem's existence, that was a surprise.

Still, Weiss had a lot of time to play with them, after all she sent the twins to take care of her big brother for a while.

"Raven, can you be that good and bring your daughters there?"

Weiss asked Raven who stood by her side with a calculating smile.

Raven just sighed and nodded with her head as she obeyed Weiss's order, even with her becoming Aegis woman Raven was now very aware of the order that was in the Schnee family, with Aegis on top and Weiss in second place...

Iris and Alexandra just amusedly watched the happenings from their lovebird's seat as they sent Willow a smile, who returned it with a questioning gaze as nobody other than Weiss knew what was right now happening.

Yes, Iris thought, the things were getting more and more interesting, just if they had their black-haired troublemaker there with them, then it would work by ideal...

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