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5 days into the 7th moon of the year 298 AC (after Aegon's Conquest), for the first time in quite a while in Westeros, there were no scheming families nor were their battles that were being fought in the Riverlands. There were no unhappy smallfolk, nor where there any oppressed nobles.

The reason for this?

Finally, after the reign of Jaeherys the First, the longest reigning monarch in the history of monarchs, someone had succeeded in unifying Westeros. And it was not a Targaryen. It was a Baratheon.

Orys Baratheon, the First of his Name, and the newest king of Westeros, had succeeded in squashing out every rebellion that had plagued his realm after his father's death in only a few months after he ascended the throne.

At first every lord was skeptical of how the young king would rule, considering that the previous two Kings they had, the less said about them the better. But all their worries were for naught. Not only did the young Baratheon successfully squash every rebellion that rose up in his kingdom, he also did not waste the lives of his soldiers. Many leaders have a tendency to sacrifice their men in a show of power, but Orys did not do that. Though it was to be expected since he possessed dragons, a sight Westeros hadn't seen since the Dance of the Dragons.

While he waged war against his enemies, he did not forget about the people of the realm. His men worked tirelessly not only to improve the lives of the smallfolk, but to also provide them with enough entertainment for them to remain happy. This was done to win public favor so when the Targaryens made their inevitable return, they would not have the support of the smallfolk, something which could be ignored militaristically, but played a very important role politically.

At the moment however, the young king was entertaining the audience of his two most loyal followers: Melisandre and Marwin.

"Brilliant plan, wasn't it?" Orys rhetorically asked as he dressed up for his wedding to Sansa Stark, something that was about to occur in the next few hours.

"Agreed, Your Grace. To make your uncle a martyr, while painting a target on the back of the Targaryens. Not to mention the removal of Prince Joffrey from Royalty. It was perfectly executed, I must say," Marwin said, as he and Melisandre smiled at their ruler in appreciation.

"You flatter me, Marwin. You and Melisandre have played a pivotal role in my ascension as well," Orys said as he finished dressing up before turning around and walking towards the personal bar present in his room.

"Thank you for the acknowledgement you grace, but it is our job," Melisandre spoke up.

"Hmm, true. But let us celebrate this day. For today marks the day, my reign shall truly begin," Orys said as he filled three glasses with the best alcohol he had on hand, before passing a cup to his lovely companions.

It was a day of celebration after all.


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