Adventures of Ichigo Uchiha(foreign Otaku) across the multiverse Book

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Adventures of Ichigo Uchiha(foreign Otaku) across the multiverse


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Our main character is an Otaku who lives in turkey and he is living a boring life(in his opinion) ---------------- elsewhere ---------------- ???: *Sigh*I'm so bored!!! ????: *smiles* why don't we send someone from Earth to another world and we can also give some cheats to make the show more interesting. ???: Zelretch, who do you have in mind for this show you're taking about. Zelretch starts to serch the Earth and comes across our MC Zelretch: how about him! ???: that's an interesting choice even for you. Zelretch: I might like to trolling people but it gets boring if I always send choose someone from Japan or America so I think he would make things more interesting. --------- meanwhile -------- MC: my life is so boring, I wish I could start a new life in another word with any 5 things, powers or abilities that I desire and I wouldn't mind becoming some novel's main character or become some omnipotent beings entertainment as long as I keep my freewill but *sigh* that's highly unlikely. -------- elsewhere -------- ???: hahahah!!! Zelretch, I like him already, let's grant his wish and start the show. Zelretch: let's go with the classic Truck-san helping him leave leave his boring life behind and then grant his wish. hahahahah! ???: or just give him a heart attack since truck accidents aren't that common in Turkey. ----------------- -----------------