4 Chapter 1: New Faces

Silent. It's so quite. Is it over yet? Before I could open the door, I could hear two sets of foot steps. I dash behind what looks to be boxes on the far side of the room. As soon as I hid behind the boxes I could hear a voice outside of the door.

"Commander, hold on a minute I sense something." States an unknown manly voice.

Suddenly the door opens and the bright lights would turn on as the unknown people walk into the room.

"Hmmmm." states the same manly voice as he looks around the room.

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Without knowing I was found but another person.

"General, I found something that you need to see. "States a different voice looking straight at me. The other person walks up to the alien like person.

"Hello there little one." says the alien guy with a sword hanging from his waist.

"Sir she looks no older than two." Replies the alien with a gun.

"Hello my name is Jedi master John Gage and this is commander Reed. What's your name?" Ask John as he k eels down to my level.

"Hi, I Bwee." I replied slightly scared as I  look at  both of them.

"Sir, she's the only one who services the attack." Reed told John as he look down at me worried eyes.

I would look at them in confusion. I begin to think. What happened to mommy and daddy? Are they alive? What about everyone else in the palace?

I finally got the courage to talk again.

"Where's my mommy and daddy?" I ask them in a whisper.

It's was quiet for a few minutes before John spoke.

"I'm sorry Brea but we couldn't find anyone but you." John told me with a straight face still  looking at me.

"Sir, What are we going to do with her her? We can't just leave her here on her own. There maybe more droids out there!" Ask Reed as he stands beside John.

"I agree Reed but I may know someone who can take care of her until she's old enough to be trained." John said as he picks me covering my eyes so that I can't see any of the dead bodies laying in the hallway..