1 Day 1 (The Beginning)

Opening my eyes, the first thing I saw is me being surrounded by darkness.

Where is this?,

where am I?,

what is the last thing I remember?...

that is right, I died.

I remember it now, I was tired of everything and eventually gave up on living and so I committed suicide by drowning. Those damned loan sharks would probably be crying their eyes out by now.

eheh....., they thought they will at least get my kidney as payment for my debt but now they get nothing, Ha.., in the end it is my win.

This darkness that I am surrounded with, is it hell?...., I have heard stories about hell that says the manner of one's death is the kind of hell that one will be assigned with.

If I died by drowning does that mean I will continue drowning in hell?. My body does not feel heavy nor is my face concocted with water. If I am not drowning then where am I?.

My legs?, I can feel it. My arms?, I can also feel it. My eyes?, they are heavy, it feels like it's sealed shut. I need to open them, it's the only way I can know where I am and what is going on.

i focused on the muscles on my brow and slowly lifted it up. what is this on my face?. A blue panel with weird writings on it

●Name : ?

●Race : Goblin Cub

●Job : ?

●Level : 1

●Hp : 100

●Mp : 10

●Sp : 100

What is this?, someone get this off of my face. I stretch my hand to shift the panel away from my face and I was shocked to see what had become of my hand.

Small?, my hand is small, not only is it small but it is also green. What happened to me?, Why is my hand like this?. is this the after effect of soaking in the water for too long?.

Someone must have saw me drowning and rescued me, if that is so, I should be in the hospital by now. damn it, damn it, what is wrong with people and their notion of good?,

you saw me jump into the water willingly, doesn't that tell you enough of what I wanted, so why would you go out of your way to save me. Damn it, just when I thought I finally escaped the loan sharks,

I will also have to start thinking of how to pay the hospital medical bills, those damned doctors won't even consider my attempt at suicide and still pester me for bills.

Thanks to the help of a nonsensical Samaritan, my debt has now gone up a nudge. damn it, damn it, damn it all.

wait a minute....., before I start panicking, Is an hospital room always this dark?....., am I not in the hospital as I thought I was?, if this isn't the hospital then where am I?.

Stones?..., all around me, all I feel is hard ground and rubbles shaped like small stones. I need to get up and look for a way out of here. urguh....., my body really is heavy,

no matter how much I try to move it just won't budge. I can't just stay laying down like this without knowing what is going on, first I should deal with this annoying panel on my face.

urghurgh, urghurgh..., This thing is weird,

why?..., just why the hell is it not fading away?. no matter what I do, it just sticks to my face and even my hand keeps passing through it.

I need to stay calm, panicking won't solve anything or get me anywhere In this situation. think..., think....,

what do I need to do?, what can I do while I am still unable to move?.

my hand is green and for some reasons unknown, my body is heavy. my surrounding is also pitch black, That is all I know for now.

I can't speculate much from just this little information. I need something more, Something that can give me a grasp of what situation I am in.

what about my speech?, can I talk?


what the hell was that?, was that me trying to talk?, why in the hell do I sound like a kid?, how is this possible?, what happened to me while I drowned?.

calm down, calm down me.., nothing will solve itself by just yelling and asking.

To rephrase the event,

My surrounding is dark, my hand is green and I seem to have turned into a kid, perhaps that is why my body is heavy rendering me unable to move.

if my hand is green does that mean my body is also green?....., I was only able to notice the color of my hand thanks to the small light the panel on my face produced,

there is no way of telling if the rest of my body is just as green as my hand because of the darkness I am in but it is not too far fetched of a theory considering the biggest absurdity just happened to me.

For now I will assume my whole body is green just like my hand.

alright, I am in total darkness, in a child's body and my body is green.

wow....., some weird ass shit really is going on with me. Even weirder is this panel on my face that refuses to go away no matter what I do.

It looks like one of those things that shows up in a game setting, especially with the MP and HP stuff. If that is how it is, does that mean I am in a game world?...

no, no, no...., how did I suddenly go from drowning to being inside a game?, it makes absolutely no sense, but then again none of this makes any sense to begin with.

Trying to escape from the ridiculous amount of debts owned to the loan sharks, I took comfort in suicide and thrust myself to the deeper ends of the Ocean.

Thinking I would finally be able to greet my hellish days as a debtor goodbye, not sure of where I am, I opened my eyes only to be surrounded in darkness.

A green skin in the body of an infant with a game panel on my face,

Just how the hell did my life take a three sixty degree turn from me wanting to commit suicide,

Just what the hell is becoming of my life?.

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