10 Kill the Wolf King! First Kill Reward!

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After arriving at the purgatory-like scene, this silverback wolf once again wailed, hot tears flowing down its face.

After shedding its tears, it stared at Caruso as if it had seen its enemy.

This silverback wolf, which was several times larger than the other silverback wolves, had another obvious difference.

The difference was mainly on its forehead.

There was a tuft of fiery red hair on its forehead. This tuft of hair was densely packed together, like a mark.


The silverback wolf with the mark glared at Caruso. Immediately, it dug its claws into the ground and charged at Caruso with an angry roar.

The moment it charged at Caruso, a ball of fire that was slightly bigger than the fireball that Caruso had used appeared.


Seeing the ball of fire attack, Caruso was stunned on the spot.

Then, subconsciously, he immediately cast the only ability that Cass had given him previously.

Fire Shield!

After casting this spell, a shield condensed from flames appeared in front of him, blocking the ball of fire.


The silverback wolf king's ball of fire finally collided with the fire shield.

Perhaps due to the same attribute, although the ball of fire had broken the fire shield, its power had completely disappeared.

However, the impact of the ball of fire still caused Caruso to fall straight to the ground.

Caruso, who was knocked to the ground by the ball of fire, immediately frowned.

If he guessed correctly, this huge silverback wolf was the legendary boss.

Otherwise, he would not know how to explain why such a low-level wolf would spit out a fireball.


The silverback wolf king. Caruso was not killed by him. He became even angrier. His eyes were blood red and saliva dripped from his fangs.

"Do you really think I'm afraid of you?"

Seeing the silverback wolf king's attitude, Caruso became even more vicious.

Originally, he was annoyed by the fact that he almost leveled up but now he was in such a sorry state. Especially when he saw the attitude of the silverback wolf king. How could Caruso still hold his anger?

He immediately stood up and began to face the enemy head-on.

"Fire Shield!"

In the next second, Caruso first added a fire shield to himself.

Although he was angry, he still had to pay attention to his safety.

Once the fire shield was cast, he immediately aimed in the direction of the silverback wolf king and began to cast spells frantically.

"Fire Snake!"

"Fire Snake!"

"Fireball Spell!"

"Fireball Spell!"

"Fireball Spell!"

Two fire snakes and a fireball spell were cast in the blink of an eye.

The reason why he chose to cast fire snake first was that this skill was not an AOE attack skill. In addition, the fire snake's speed was extremely fast. This prevented the opponent from dodging.

In addition, three fireballs landed around the silverback wolf king.

It instantly locked onto its surroundings.

No matter which direction the opponent fled to, they were all locked down by Caruso!

As the leader, the silverback wolf king was naturally intelligent. It naturally knew what Caruso was thinking.

However, it knew that in the face of absolute strength, no matter how smart it was, it was useless.

For this reason, when the martial arts skill locked it down, the only thing it could do was to take it head-on.

However, the only choice was to take that spell head-on.

In almost a second, the silverback wolf king made a decision. It did not retreat. Instead, it charged towards the direction of a fireball spell. It was prepared to reactivate the fireball spell and come in front of Caruso, then kill him with one strike.

Unfortunately, it had underestimated Caruso!

It had underestimated Caruso's strength.

Perhaps the fireball spells cast by ordinary apprentice magicians, not even one-star magicians, were extremely ordinary.

However, under the enhancement of magic power, the power of Caruso's fireball spell was more than twice as terrifying as normal fireball spells.

In addition to the 20% increase in fire mastery, was this a skill that a mere silverback wolf king could use its physical body to withstand?



Soon, a loud sound was heard, accompanied by a bright red three-digit damage. The entire body of the silverback wolf king felt as if it had been hit by a giant hammer. In an instant, it was like a kite with its string cut off. It was sent flying in the air, it only slowly landed after it hit a towering tree!


"Fire Snake!"

Seeing that the boss was seeking his own death, Caruso instantly cast a fireball from his left hand and a fireball from his right hand.

Under his lock-on, the raging flames flew towards the silverback wolf king. The fire snake had also started to attack at a tricky speed.


When the fire snake pierced through the silverback wolf king's body like a sharp sword, a wave of wails resounded throughout the entire forest.

Immediately after, the fireball carried the billowing heat wave, burning its body.








Seeing the general barrage stop, silverback wolf king seems to be ready for the final counterattack. It slowly got up, regardless of the body of the flame, and locked straight onto Caruso, wanting to have a final blow.

However, Caruso would not give it this chance.


Following the last fireball, the silverback wolf king fell. The power in its body turned into a white light and entered Caruso's body.

"Ding-dong! Congratulations to the player for successfully killing [Boss - Silverback Wolf King]. Obtained 1000 EXP."

"Ding-dong! Congratulations to the player for leveling up. Current level: 4-star Apprentice Mage."

"Ding-dong! Due to the player killing a boss, EXP x10."

"Ding-don! Congratulations to the player for leveling up. Current level: 6-star Apprentice Mage, free to allocate 25 attribute points."

"Ding-dong! Congratulations to the player for successfully killing [Boss - Silverback Wolf King]. Obtaining the first kill reward, [Active Skill - Berserker God's Protection]."

[World Announcement: Ding-dong! Congratulations to Player Caruso for killing Silverback Wolf King. First kill reward obtained. First kill reward obtained!]

[World Announcement: Ding-dong! Congratulations to Player Caruso for killing Silverback Wolf King. First kill reward obtained. First kill reward obtained!]

[World Announcement: Ding-dong, Congratulations to Player Caruso for killing Silverback Wolf King. First kill reward obtained. First kill reward obtained!]


A series of notifications caused three rays of golden light to flash out of Caruso's body. He immediately went from a 3-star apprentice mage to a 6-star apprentice mage.

If Cass knew about this, he would definitely dissect and study this fellow.

After studying him, he would immediately commit suicide!

Because this was f*cking terrifying!

It was too terrifying!

An ordinary mage, even if they had extraordinary talent, wouldn't it take at least a month to go from a 1-star apprentice mage to a 6-star apprentice mage?

What about Caruso?

It only took him one day!

How could this not be shocking!

And not only did the person in question not realize this, he even felt that his leveling speed was already very slow.

Just like that, he was even a freaking apprentice!

This was simply an insult to the identity of a transmigrator!

Of course, while he was complaining, a treasure chest that was flashing with silver light was lying quietly on the body of the silverback wolf king!


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