Adtraic Verity: Journey for The Truth Book

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Adtraic Verity: Journey for The Truth


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The Adtraic Family; the godly family that once ruled all, watched as their own world got annihilated by the unknown. In a ditching effort, only two of the five family members managed to escape their world; leaving everyone else to die. After years of world-traveling, the two returned to their world, noticing that everything they knew had changed. With the fading memories of their lost family, the remaining two set to embark on a journey, in the hope to retrieve all of what is now stolen from them. But burdened with a destructive element that shaped their unacceptable past; one might consider a sacrifice. * * * * * * * * Cover art, map, sketches, and all other character illustrations are owned by me. (Turn on Paragraph Comments to see them.) (THE WORLD-BUILDING IN THIS NOVEL IS EXTREME AND VERY EXPANSIVE! If you like world-building novels, beautiful, unique, and well-constructed characters, and an intriguing, creative plot; then please consider reading this and add it to your collections!) Alternative: Aletha and Asahi (Main Characters) https://www.instagram.com/p/Cf0onrKO4Pg/?igshid=MDJmNzVkMjY= Instagram (For all Art): adtraic_verity Disclaimer: Adtraic Verity is a passion project, it will not be rushed, and it will be edited/published at my own pace. Thank you for reading!


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