1 Chapter 1

At a random cave in the middle of the desert. A group of people clad in tattered robes and armed with various weaponry ranging from bows to large axes is in front of two captured individuals with their hands tied up together onto a wooden bar.

"Wakey, wakey!" A sick sadistic voice called out.

As the two opened their eyes. They are shocked by such a sight. They were completely outnumbered and they could easily lose their lives had they done something unsightly.

"Who are you!" One of the prisoners shouted. He has a black well-kept hair and is lightly clad in armor with his chest plate the one standing out the most due to its unusual design of a serpentine dragon across it. On his left waist is a black katana.

A man approached them who seem to be the leader. Same as the others, he wore a tattered robe but shows off sunglasses. "Eh? You don't need to know that. Hmm… you seem to be a foreigner… Taiyo?"

However. The person's answer is simple. "You used drugged darts to knock us out, right? Such petty tricks."

"Methods don't matter. You two happened to be wandering across the desert. We simply took our chances. Both of you could be sold at a high price. Especially this elf." That elf has rather simple clothing. Just some light and short clothes that enable him to at least be cool in the harsh temperature of the scorching desert.

"Hey. You shouldn't have tied us onto a wooden bar."


The elf closed his eyes and suddenly. Strange tattoos appeared on his face starting from the eyes. His once yellow eyes became purple with a shimmering glow. Suddenly. The wooden bars grow exponentially into massive roots and at such speed that it caught all of the personnel off guard and impaled them all through their body except the two. Some managed to react and swing around their weapons but it only lengthens their inevitable deaths.

The ropes came loose after a root sliced past it and both are set free. The elf falls onto the ground, coughing.

The other person then rushed to him and picked him up.

"Are you alright?"

"I'm… fine. Just lost a lot of mana."

"Let's go out."

"Yeah, thank you. Stranger."

"Me too. If you didn't do that. I might've died and have to start all over again. I'll open a way." He leaned the other guy first on the wall and then grabbed his katana to slash the woods in fast succession. Opening a way for them to fit through towards the outside.

They eventually got out and he thanked the elf again but asked. "May I know what kind of magic you used in there? Is it… spirit magic?"

"Yes, it is."

"How'd you manage to use that?"

"It's a long story. But we should get moving to our destinations now." On the elf's right hand, a bottle containing blue liquid then appeared. He drank it down on the last drop and began moving normally again. It was a mana potion.

"Okay. Again, thank you. I'll be going towards Renos city, actually. Good luck on where you're going then."

"Wait! I'm going there too. Let's just travel together." The elf said with a smile.

"Sure. May I ask what's your name first?"


"Isn't that a demon's name? Well, mine's Mitsuo."

"Got it. Let's go!" They both smile towards each other.

They are striding through the barren desert and Mitsuo began to feel thirsty.

"What is it? Thirsty? You look uncomfortable. Here." A jar of cold water suddenly appeared on Azazel's hands and hand it over to his fellow.

"Thanks. I'm good now. You see. When we got to the city. I'm part of a guild and I could have you stay within us since you saved me. Do you have a pass for the city gates then? You don't look like you belong there after all."

"Don't bother. I'm an adventurer, you see… I have a pass for the city though. Don't worry. Are you living there?" He then shows off a platinum plate with his name.

"Yeah. I got out of there since I was tasked with a mission. Wait. You're a platinum-ranked adventurer?"

"Yes! Oh… Let's stop walking now."

"Hm?" Mitsuo narrowed his eyes with a curious look. Suddenly. They began levitating.

"I recovered most of my mana now. That mana potion wasn't enough and only restored most but not all of my mana. Now that I'm fully rejuvenated. I'll be able to effectively use this ability now."

"Is this telekinesis? How many powers do you have?!"

"Not my powers. I'm using the ring, or rather. The abilities of the items in it."

"What the hell? Such item exist?"

"Stop talking now. We're gonna speed up!"

They soared through the deserts and eventually. They got near the city gates. Even when the distance is was very far. Azazel doesn't seemed bothered at all

"You seemed to have a large mana reserve." Mitsuo looked at him and at the same time a floating window appeared.

[Name: Azazel Eil

Relationship: Acquaintance

Level: Unable to read

Main job: Administrator

Danger level: Extremely Dangerous (when provoked)

A high-ranking member of adventurer's guild.

The system suggests having a friendly relationship with this person.]

"Ah yeah, I'm an elf after all. All elves have large mana reserves.

"Come on. Let's enter." Mitsuo said.

"Yeah, let's."

At the gate is a long line of people waiting to get into the city. Mitsuo walked up to them and shows an insignia and they immediately let them into the city even without checking in on Azazel.

"It's my first time arriving here, it's nice!" Azazel exclaimed with an excited voice.

"Hey, see that large building over there?" Mitsuo pointed to a large castle-like building. "That's my guild's headquarters. Do you want to go with me?"

"Ah! Sorry… but I have to refuse."

"You have something else to do… Okay, I get it." Mitsuo said in a disappointment

"No, I don't have anything to do. I just have to refuse. Many people had already invited me into guilds like that but I always refuse." Azazel said in a nervous tone.

Confused. Mitsuo replied "I'm not trying to invite you. I just want to say thank you and try to compensate for something over there."

"Uh… nevermind it. Then! I'll be on my way." Azazel then immediately turned around and slowly walked away. "I hope I see you again!" He shouted when he's already a few distances away.


B-rank quest: The administrator.

A mysterious person appeared. And a powerful one at that. Befriend him and help him achieve his goal: to protect the world from incoming threats. A goal shared with him by his father.

Reward(s): 70,000 EXP

Random legendary weapon]

"He's most likely a very powerful individual... Extremely Dangerous… It won't hurt to help him."