1 Token

The world are in chaos, humans can't live out of the cities, sometimes the cities are breached and nobody can escape.But several heroes appeared and they killed the monsters like they know beforehand their movements and abilities, after getting stronger and getting better equipments they went to the dungeons, without destroying the dungeon, the monsters in the region never will end.

Several of them have fallen, but they light up the path for the humanity, the majority of the children wanted become a adventurer or a soldier.

After 10 years, humanity is much more stable, cities being destroyed are rare news, the major problem is that dungeons don't stop being produced.The heroes are called Players before, and for each Player dying a new dungeon is produced somewhere, and each dungeon is more dangerous than the others.

There are almost 100 millions of Players in the beginning, now they decreased to 40 millions, so there 60 millions of dungeons out there, so humanity lives in a small territory to defend better, this number must have been halved with the army search and the low levels adventurers, the majority is low level but numbers have vantages, some of those dungeons are maintained to train new people.But normally if you see one then destroy.

Although the higher number of dungeons, nobody care about that, because there still 2 billions of people in Earth, if only 1% of those people became an adventurer then those dungeons will be destroyed in the next few years, and the level of a general adventurer is increasing too.So the only problem is those news dungeons that is produced after a Player die, after all, everyone will die someday, and those eternal dungeons that don't have a dungeon core so produces monsters daily.

William had a big claw wound in the back, and a blonde short woman is putting alcohol on the wound,his face got distorted because of the pain.

"I know you are saving money to buy a equipment, but accumulating those wounds is bad for the body." the woman said a little angry.

"I know, but without a equipment I'm useless" William sighed.

"It's because you buy cheap equipment and they broke again and again, it's better to buy a class equipment, even your life is in peril when your weapon broke in a fight." the woman said a little ambiguous.

"Okay Lara, the next time I will buy a class equipment." William said while getting up and dressing a new shirt.

Lara looked a little emotional seeing his broad shoulders but skinny back, he once has a good talent, excellent reflexes, a good body but everything went downhill after he protected her off a flying stone, that thing broke in his face, and a set of numbers like a Token appeared in his once handsome face.

After this, he is constantly tired, get to run half of before and several others symptoms.But the most outrageous is that when in high school we went to training in a low level dungeon, in the start he is the one that defeated most monsters even with decaying body, but he did not receive energy from killing the monsters, and in the end she and another guy who defeated most monsters after leveling up in a good way.

Her father is a Player so he teached some things that in the textbook is a little too straight.

After seeing that William is leaving she threw a thing to him, he is showing his back to her but he still catch the thing in a weird angle.

"What you are doing, you knowing that I have good reflects isn't a reason to throw things in me." William said depressed, but when he sees the thing his eyes widened.

It's a special broad sword of two feet long counting the hilt, it's his favorite type of weapon, normal sword is too long for his taste and a dagger is too short, and the swords of the size he likes is too thin.

"How you encountered this?" William asked excitedly.

"My father gave to me after describing your taste to him, it's a common level equipment but even my father just see 2 of those." Lara replied while remembering.

"It's too precious, I know we are childhood friends, but I can't accept this." William said firmly.

"Who said that I give to you?You have to pay for a long time." she knows William character so she came prepared.

"And withdraw the sword from the sheath first to see if it's precious." Lara continued speaking to make he distracted, and accept the sword.

William is curious and withdrew her from the sheath, it's a generic broad sword but is of two feet long, and looks a little rusty and old.

"See, such sword is rare because it's size, if it's normal sized then there tons of rusty and old swords." Lara explains to William.

"Okay, I'll pay you little by little, now I gonna in a dungeon." William said and went out running excitedly.

"Your back..." Lara wanted to say he is wounded but he already gone, whatever, those dungeons are to high school students, even though his body is a little debilitated he won't lose in a high school dungeon.

After running for a while William is out of breath and stopped in front of a tree.

"It's better to see it's stats." He said while looking to the sword.

Rusty Little Sword

+15 Attack

Rusty effect: Monsters of blood type take 20% more damage.

"Oh, it's a good sword, I heard that common weapons sometimes don't have a additional effect, and 10 in strength is the human limit without leveling up." William got excited, his own strength is of around 5, before having this Token he had 6 even being a teenager at that time.Now his attack multiplied 5 times.

William sensed something moving behind him and jumped to the side, but a whip like tree branch catches he, his sword dropped in the ground and he is being suffocated by the monster tree.When he thought that haven't more chances he heard guns sounds, the tree got filled with holes.

When he dropped in the ground, he rushed to the sword and slashed the tree, and it's body disappeared in light particles and went to his body, but nothing changed.

After taking a breath William thanked the soldier "Thank you sir."

"If you are weak it's okay but you only got caught because the guard is down." the soldier said and went patrolling.

William face is a little red, he never get distracted in the wild or a dungeon, but only a sword made him so excited.

After adjusting his mentality he walked toward the dungeon, there are more density of monsters.He thinks that only because the quantity isn't sufficient that he don't level up, if there other peoples then alright, but he is the only case so far.

When he was approaching the dungeon he sees a big gorilla with silver fur.

William immediately went to a tree shadow, he never have been here, but he always get informations about where he is going, and this gorilla isn't a monster of this dungeon.

The wind changed of direction and the nose of the gorilla moved, William face changed and got up and entered in battle instance, even the gorilla being slow his possibility of escape is minimal, so he will fight to death.

The gorilla see a being small than itself doing a battle instance and got furious, he drumed his own chest and went in William's direction like a train.

William waited the gorilla approach and dodged to the side while slashing it's leg, the sword made a little cut but couldn't made a bigger cut.William stabilized his trembling arm and analyses while looking to the gorilla movements.

After dodging another rush of the gorilla, William's foot slipped, the gorilla rushed excitedly and punched fiercely, William foot that slipped went forward with the rest of the body, and the sword is used like a spear and pierced in the fist of the gorilla, the momentum of the gorilla with the sword going forward pierced it's whole fist to the forearm.

The gorilla went crazy and attacked with the other arm, William decisive released the sword and started running around the trees, some of the trees are monsters but the crazy gorilla destroyed everything in his way to William.

One of tree attacked the wounded arm and the gorilla screamed, after tearing apart the tree he caught the hilt of the sword and retired with brutality.William eyes brightened, if this continue the gorilla will die from blood loss.

After throwing the sword away the gorilla rushed to William again, this time his eyes are red, William can't wait to the right time and just jumped to the side.After dodging by little he runs after the sword that the gorilla threw.

After encountering the sword, the gorilla rushed with red fur, it's much faster this time.

"Berserk!" William didn't even try to dodge this time and threw himself to the gorilla, the gorilla didn't expect to him jump up to itself, so the little delay permitted William penetrate the sword in it's eyes, but before the sword go deep the instinct of the gorilla made him push William away like a insect.

Just this little push made William to roll 3 meters and is heavily injured, he just looked at the sword in the eye of the gorilla.Suddenly the gorilla caught the sword hilt again and retired, but the eyeballs popped and impacted the brain and he died.

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