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Administrator's Previlege


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Someday a game with anonymous creator appeared, Magical World, and it's a instantaneous success because the game can affect the reality.Every new player has a whole dungeon created to himself, and they are very distincts, some monsters exist in almost every dungeon but has monsters that only have there too. The game gained popularity because when a player is in a dungeon his body is affected by his stats, so a thin guy can lift 500 kg there easily if his stats is high, and a big dude can run like the wind too.So the majority of the players treats that experience like gold. Just that only who play the game believes in these stories, because nobody proved the existence of these dungeons, they didn't appear in photos, people other than the players won't see that too, so the society treat those people like it being a collective trollers.But one year after the launch of the game the world really changed, dungeons appeared and monsters are everywhere, so humans are helpless and the heroes are those considered trollers players, with their support, humanity developed and stabilized in this new world. 10 years later William is a young man who just completed the school, but don't have a fixed dream so didn't go to college.He liked adventures and went to the dungeons regularly, this time he was not lucky... Chapter Length: ~1500


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