Adapting To The Apocalypse Book

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Adapting To The Apocalypse


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The world of Arkendol is one full of magic and mystery, where deadly beasts lurk in the darkness, and powerful races rule the lands. Yet while kingdoms prosper, and peace prevails, a sinister force darkens the horizon. Known simply as the Lost, their only desire is to bring forth the destruction of the world. A complete and utter apocalypse. In a distant nation beneath the rule of humans, lived a young man by the name of Lucas Infell. Born into this world of magic and mystery with a broken core, his days were spent completing the tedious quests other Adventurers ignored, all in order to provide for his younger sister. Alas, all that changed the day his town was overrun by an army of Fawnsrot Orks, led by one of the Seven Lost. Within the hour they razed his town to the ground, and left him as the last sole survivor. The next time he woke, he found himself in the company of a man, whose past was even more mysterious than his ability. Beneath his guidance, Lucas learned to awaken the power trapped within him, and set off on a journey for revenge. But will he be able to handle the responsibilities and expectations that come from going against the Lost? Especially when his strange new ability draws the attention of those in power, and leaves them either in awe... or fear.


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