3 a unexpected visitor

Her alarm clock woke Cho-Hee up the next morning.

She already forgot about what happened yesterday when she opened her eyes and got dressed for school.

She walked down to the kitchen with her school bag and saw the water bowl still standing on the kitchen counter.

Cho-Hee remembered that she wanted to cook food yesterday,and right when she remembered what happened next a deep voice behind her made her flinch.

"Are you awake,sleeping beauty?"

Cho-Hee froze for a moment before slowly turning around.

"Your eyes aren't red anymore" she noticed when she looked at him.

"Well,my eyes turn red when I'm thirsty. I drank yesterday, I'm by the way sorry that I didn't stop and made you fade. I haven't drank in a long while" he laughed and his eyes became smaller then they were before,his smile revealed his teeth.

His incisors where sharp and she remembered how those teeth went into her skin yesterday to keep her hand bleeding.

She felt a tickle in her hand and tried to shake this memory aside.

"Are you still going to school?" Jaehyun asked when he noticed her uniform.

Cho-Hee nodded and put on her shoes to leave the house.

She didn't want him to answer or say anything so she just left.

After a long while it was the first time that she was happy to have an excuse to leave her house and not come back for a while.

She tried to play it cool in his presence,but deep inside she still couldn't believe what happened and what was still happening.

As she was near her school she noticed that the burnt smell was gone and as she smelled on her clothing she realized that it wasn't on her either.

Did the smell came from Jaehyun?

At least she had some space off of him to think about what she was going to do to get rid of him.

It was lunch break and Cho-Hee decided to tell her friends about the ritual,she actually thought about telling them a lot.

Of course she wouldn't tell them about the demon that was haunting her.

"What did you do yesterday,Cho-Hee?" her friend asked and it was the perfect introduction to tell them about the summoning.

"Oh,I just tried to summond a demon with a satanic ritual" she said and laughed.

No one joined in.

Slowly Cho-Hee stopped and looked at her friends which were throwing looks at each other.

"That's weird" one if her friends said and the others agreed.

"O-oh I'm sorry. I'm not going to talk about it anymore" Cho-Hee smiled,so no one was ever going to help her with her problem.

If they would've reacted more interested she might have told them that it worked and she was getting haunted by a blood sucking demon that wouldn't leave her alone.

But they were disgusted by Cho-Hee's fault.

"I'm going to use the bathroom" she said,no one even reacted.

Do they hate her now? Cho-Hee wondered.

As she entered the bathroom she headed straight to one of the stalls and locked the door.

Sad she sat down on top of the toilet seat and sighed.

"I should stay the break here" she whispered.

"Why?" Cho-Hee winched by those sudden words and looked up.

Jaehyun was standing in the same bathroom stall as her,right in front of her.

He was looking down at her face with a questioning impression on his face.

It was the first time she noticed how smooth it was,how symmetrical.

"Why are you here? Leave!" she said,hoping he would listen.

But Jaehyun wanted an answer and he wouldn't leave before she would tell him.

"It doesn't matter" she whispered in a harsh voice and again noticed a burnt smell.

"You smell like burnt paper" Cho-Hee said.

"And you smell like rum with honey" He snapped,leaving Cho-Hee with a surprised face.

"Why are you here?" she asked.

"I was bored" Jaehyun smiled,making his eyes nearly disappear.

"You can't just come into my school and bother me! What if anyone sees you?!" Cho-Hee whispered but screamed at the same time.

"Didn't you want to find out how to get rid of me? If I annoy you so much then is now the perfect timing to search it up" he wanted her to know how to get rid of him.

He wanted her to help him.

Cho-Hee took out her phone and searched it up.

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"How to get rid of a demon?" Jaehyun read out loud what she was searching.

"Wow,very creative" he then said in a sarcastic voice.

For good 10 Minutes Cho-Hee read through different articles and website Wich tried to tell her how she could send Jaehyun back from where he came from.

She choose the most common and recommend solution as an answer.

"I have to fulfill your wish?" she asked and looked up to Jaehyun who read the different things that were written on the bathroom stalls wall.

"Yep" his eyes stayed at the written words.

"And.. what's your wish?" she asked,still looking at him.

His side profile was so pretty that she felt like she could look at it forever.

"I don't know." he looked Cho-Hee straight in the eyes.

He really didn't know but if she would help him find out and fulfill it he could go to heaven.

He wouldn't need to go back to hell and he would never have to go back to earth.

Cho-Hee looked at him in shock.

"How am I supposed to fulfill your wish if I,and you too, doesn't know what it is? How should I know what a stranger's wish is?" she asked angry.

"Well,seems like you have to get to know me" he smiled again and Cho-Hee wished she could punch it out of his face.

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