Adam Immortal: Dungeons of Dogmaorok Book

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Adam Immortal: Dungeons of Dogmaorok


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War, poverty, famine- or even hatred have all been defeated, and the Earth of now is one of peace and serenity. Humanity finally coming together as one to form a more perfect world. But just as human nature has it, after finally solving the world's own problems, a new one presents itself. Now humans have the technology to traverse vast distances, so much so its as if they are stepping into different universes. In a sense, they are, and The Liberation World Front is a organization that has now been thrust into the limelight. LWF can pinpoint worlds that will soon collapse due to a species own perils, war, and or horrible choices. Their job, to save such a world before it implodes. Of course, there are so many different possibilities that one would call it pointless, but as humanity remembers their struggles and how billions of died throughout its own history, they do not want other worlds to suffer the same fate. Adam Finch is a first year a LWF Academy, and he cannot wait to be a part of a bigger story and help save other worlds from peril. But when something goes wrong, he finds himself in a place called Titan, a world were martial arts is taught at birth, the mastery of weapon is crafted along side studies, clans fight for power at every turn, and have the power to draw out a spirit blade that grants superhuman capabilities. Only, Adam knows Titan will be destroyed in a horrific chain of events, and he is the sole person who understands that it will happen in twenty years. Now he must rise to the peak of Titan before it's too late and save the world, but not everyone wants it to be saved.


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