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First its not a bad try. This round drako has a brother that's a good guy not a little **** which is the mc. Ron is in this but not part of the main group and the author makes him out to be more of a pos than I have seen in other stories. There is no HP in this one. HP is a girl called Rose and she is in ravenclaw with the mc and she likes the mc also. Ok that was the ok part. The spelling in this story is terrible,. I find myself at times trying figure out what language this is because of the terrible spelling. The author needs to stop adding chapters and go back and fix the atrocious spelling before adding more chapters. Really man grammarly has a free version and you can spell check. The story is passable but the spelling brings it way down.


well, why not. My story isn't the best but its something that I love to write. if you read the story please help me in correcting my spellings. I appreciate Nessasary criticism, but I hate it when you criticize unnecessarily or criticize when the answer is in the story. Enjoy my book but if you don't like It you can just Drop. Thanks for your support.


Tbh I don't really like a gender bend.. Harry potter fan fic But some stuffs of your story isn't allowing me to remove this book from my library and it made me to write a review in my broken English What I like in this book ->> MC is damn LOKI's Reincarnation(๑♡⌓♡๑) ->>ROSE's char. Is becoming more badass day by day(~ ̄³ ̄)~ ->>it's HP x Marvel fanfic (*˘︶˘*).。*♡ My expectations ->> No Harem and if you've already planned then I hope it's not more than 3 or 4 ->>author doesn't drop this book ->> Getting a like on this comment(。・//ε//・。)


I really like this story as it’s a intriguing take in always up for a combo of wizarding world and marvel I still think it fits better in dc but marvel does have the whole secrecy and silence anyone who knows going on. Anyways the story is intriguing simply because the mc himself may or may not be related to Loki and has many hidden abilities and talents yet to be seen I would like to see the author step out of the shadow of the beautiful rose potter whom he is besmirched and overprotective of due to her background and tragic destiny. This does not excuse the rapid personality shift rose is going through or her always hitting or pulling on the Mcs ear when annoyed. This is not a quality a abuse victim of physical and verbal abuse will show along with neglect and low self esteem issues will show or do, we also have yet to see any improvement on her malnourished state if so it’s not talked about. I understand the author is translating is words into English but the short chapters and regurgitating the original books gets kinda annoying. I am not bashing this book I believe in time this can be a hidden gem of the author doesn’t drop like so many do on this site due to negative feedback and harassment. I wish you luck on a interesting book that I look forward to seeing epic fights and exploration.


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It starts out pretty interesting, but the author ruins it by piling on more and more crossovers in a flippent hab hazard manner. The story could have been very interesting but most of it is spend puzzling out what the hell the author is writing in the first place. I'd have loved to see the author take the story more seriously and done a proper crossover between hp and mcu instead of whatever pops in his mind all the time. It would have been less chaotic and better structured.


As a person that started writing my own fanfic on webnovel that incorporated a female version of Harry Potter, it was suggested to me that I check this one out and I did so The conclusion eventually was that I had no complaints about any of the categories I can grade on here. That being said, it's still not my preferred style. Just saying that I, as a reader, did not care for the manner in which the marvel crossover was implemented does not mean it is bad, and I saw no reason to punish the author with a bad review for a difference in tastes


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Grammatically wrong in most sentences due to not using capital letters and wrong use of full stops. Many misspelled words and no attempt to correct them even when pointed out. The story would be much better if the reader didnt have to constantly insert the right names and places.


A really good story,the character building and the world background are also good. I am a really picky reader when it comes to HP fanfic and it's a awesome story. good luck and hope you continue the story till it's end.


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Really good story. The main character is awesome and the background is good. The writing is good and the update is consistent. It is a very good story.


Really good story. The main character is interesting. And the update is consistent. I hope this story is updated regularly. The other characters are also good.


An interesting story but your grammar leaves much to be desired. There are a lot of times I'm unsure what is happening in the story. There are some things I quite like though. Like the overall story idea and some of the ways you incorporate them.


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Writing quality was fairly bad at the start, but nearing the later chapters it became much better, however I'm not an author so I cannot really critique that. I'm really enjoying the story so far, and it has all of my favorite fandom's in it. Looking forward to more chapters!