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Zane a nurse from earth was sent to world where tragedy and death are common occurrence. Armed with supreme identification eyes and magic system, he will unravel the world and survive whatever come may. Chaos and war brought by three main species: humans, beasts, and elementals. However, none knows that it is the evolving undead that is the massive treat. With every war, it increases its numbers. With its flesh eating, it evolves to a higher being. Who is controlling these undead? None knows. Meanwhile, humans struggles to survive in the midst of the warring world. Alliance? There is no such thing in the chaotic world. It is the survival of the strong. Zane intends to pursue the most destructive magic. Learning the trinity craft: metallurgy, alchemy and runes. He will combined the three to create the ultimate and perfect crafting with none has ever seen. "You think this is just regular flower? Wrong it is a godly flower "You think this is just a regular stone? Wrong! It is a godly artifact "You think is just a regular beast? -Wrong! It is a godly be.... (Zane already left the scene) P.S: This is my first novel and a trial run. I know many can find grammatical errors but will fix once if I have the chance.

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