Acset Series: The Scorpio's Stone
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Acset Series: The Scorpio's Stone


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What is Acset Series: The Scorpio's Stone

Acset Series: The Scorpio's Stone is a popular web novel written by the author Anotoki, covering ACTION, ADVENTURE, SYSTEM, COMEDY, PARODY, TELEPORTED TO ANOTHER WORLD, HERO TO ZERO, Martial Arts genres. It's viewed by 4.6K readers with an average rating of 4.83/5 and 12 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 12 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


On the way home, Kazuya Eiyuu bought food to eat for tonight in the nearest grocery store, and after he bought it, he exited the grocery store. Like a red thread connected by fate, he passed a mysterious girl, shoulder by shoulder, and at the same time, the door opens. He doesn't think that much when passes her, it was like an ordinary thing that happened in a grocery store, you think there's a person pass a girl and turn around, shouting, “You! Have we ever met before?” In a romance novel, yup, in real life, probably. Back to topic, after passes her. He stands in front of a vending machine besides the grocery store's door. He chose the brand and insert the money, but the vending machine somehow doesn't accept his money, instead. 'Please enter different one.' 'Please enter different one your mother, this is the last money I have!' He thought to himself. He grabs his money, and fix any curves on the money so it looked like a new one, he put the money back, and then the vending machine accepts it. The brand he chose fell down and he crouch down to grab it, then the mysterious girl come out from the grocery store. He instintively looked at her and wondering why a girl that cute walking alone in the middle of the night. As a man he wanted to help her but she came here on her own accordance and should prepare the risk, she must have tricks up to her sleeve, so he ignored her. He waits until her figure disappeared to the street walls. Grabs the coffee can and walked away from the grocery store, he opened the seal and drink it. A few minutes later, there's a left turn infront of him, he keep walking forward without turning his head, meanwhile on his left, the mysterious girl, the one he saw from the grocery store, is approached by six adults. After passed it, he realized what just happened, he quickly saves her and after that, his consciousness slowly fade away and the next thing he knew, he is in a different world, place, and even time! Look at the good side, you don't have to meet Truck-kun!


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