Achieving Dreams

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What is Achieving Dreams

Read ‘Achieving Dreams’ Online for Free, written by the author Gift_George_0125, This book is a Teen Novel, covering Fiction, Light Novel, Internet Novel, and the synopsis is:


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Fear, trauma, fate, love and destiny. Elphias, a high school student and an omega, was traumatized by his car accident. As he was escaping his past, he unknowingly bumped to his future. A/N : This is my first story to be published here in wattpad. Please easy on the comments and pardon for any wrong grammar, english is my second language. To those who are not that familiar with the omegaverse world, down below is my take on it. Happy reading! OMEGAVERSE - anyone (male/female) could be impregnated; no discrimination of base gender but an underlying disgust among omegas still lingers within the community Alpha - dominant, territorial, successful, excellent in every field; goes into RUT once every 3 months; make up 15% of population; can couple with betas (50% chance of conception); omegas (highly compatible) and alphas (10% chance of conception); highly susceptible to omega’s scent; could mark an omega through a bite on their nape Beta - common humans, comprises 80% of population; can smell omega’s in-heat scent but otherwise cannot; can couple with fellow betas, seldom with alphas, uncommon with omegas. Omega - small bodies like a female, have heats once every 3 mos that could only be satiated fully by an alpha cumming inside otherwise by any sexual activity (somehow); the government issues a generic type of medication for free to suppress their heat and scent in order for them to continue their daily lives but not all are compatible to it; their scent Is lethal (sexually) to alphas but not too much on betas and fellow omegas are immune to it; once marked by an alpha, omegas could no longer have sex other than their mated pair (side effects would be sickness to the omega); has the least most job offering in the community due to lack of compensatory accommodation for their issues (heat, scent)

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~•No Escape•~ "Are you running away from me, my sweet girl" spoke a voice in the hallway that made her stop in her tracks. The hallway had turned dark with only the wall lamps that burned brightly casting the shadow of the man on the floor as he slowly emerged from the other end. "What are you doing here, your majesty," She said and bowed immediately as she saw him approach her with slow but steady steps. "You haven't answered me, sweet" The man said with a sweet smile that made her wary and he heard the way her heart skipped a beat. He stood before her and used his index finger to raise her chin. He tilted his head as he gazed into her green eyes that looked back at him with fear. He took a step forward closing the distance between them and his eyes narrowed when she took a step back, but that didn't stop him from cornering her. "Did you think you can escape from me?" He continued to question and she didn't miss the mockery behind his words. "I…I" she felt her words tied to her tongue because of the man's daunting aura. She felt him trace her forehead with his finger down to her jaw. He continued moving his hand down to her neck and to the top of her swell and her thudding heart hitched when his hand continued to stay there. "Did you think you can escape from me?" He bent towards her as he spoke. His breath fell on her neck which sent a jolt that traveled down her body. "I told you, you're tied to me and me to you" _______________________ Perdita Kartar was a winsome yet strange young lady. She had an appealing beauty with her green eyes that invoked and impelled anyone who gazed into them. She had fooled her villagers so she could live and protect herself and her remaining family from the night creatures and also humans. But what was bizarre of all, was that Perdita had a secret she shared with no one. She had lived in the village since she was little, and over the years, she had been discreet with each move she made. Unfortunately, things didn't go as she planned. Despite her cautious decorum and fight to stay out of sight, a pair of glacial red eyes falls on her, which followed and refused to leave her out of sight.

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