1 Chapter 1: I feel so wronged

In russian busiest streets chatter from people across the roads loudly chattered as snow fell heavily ,you could hardly see the cemented roads

however the heavy cold weather couldn't stop the excited kids running round the Christmas tree they're so many people being happy you could hardly make out a cold gloomy man whowas dressed in black on a Christmas day a fairly bad dress style on a Christmas day

Yet, he seemed to be a little cheerful today But suddenly he seemed to noticed something as the scar across his cheek seemed to make his face look more threatening he started moving forward quickly

He seemed to be walking quickly walking into a groove of trees he kept walking faster and making sharp turns trying to shake off someone but obviously he couldn't he seemed to be pursued by experts today he sighed softly under his breath as he kept making his way deeper into the mass shrubs he walked to the middle suddenly he stopped

"Come out tell me who sent you and i may consider sparing you " he threatned as he brought out two revolvers that spined swiftly on his fingers before falling into his hands pointing at two separate bushes

Rustling of bushes could be heard as two armed militants in black camouflage came out pointing their modified ORSIS T-5000s at him while moving cautiously

" Rik kotacka have to come with us the organization wants to meet you " said one of the militants

Furrowing his brows he wondered how they knew his real name not bothering too much about that "what if i d....two large bird like shadows like zoomed quiet across his head .looking at the up he sucked in a breath of cold air as he saw the latest hovering aircraft (F-35B Lightning II)2 of them fiercely modified the artillery cannons aiming at him

Zoom military cars moved in front of him and around fifty heavily armed militants jumped and raised their guns at him he could've ran away a long time ago but some snipers have been aiming at him from a distance and not to mention the aircrafts hovering above him it looked like a whole battalion of special forces were against him no matter how good he was he couldn't take them on

For the first time in his life he felt wronged looking at the first two militants he could tell that they looked smug under their masks no matter

who they were they couldn't insult his dignity he aimed his guns at the two and pulled the trigger at a speed barely noticeable to human eye ...

whizz,the gun hardly made any noise as the sound of the bullet piercing the air as it hit

the targets blood oozed out their bloody heads as the bullets had pierced right through their masks

panic erupted as the aircrafts shot everywhere around him but missed on purpose they kept firing warning shots as rik just stayed where he was he knew they wouldn't kill him as it was probably their boss just wanted to talk to him

a voice came from a megaphone from one of the aircrafts

"please refrain from shooting and stop your resistance"

"and come with us also disarm yourself"

Rik looked at them he didn't have any choice he slowly removed his weapons

the two pistols in his hands another two revovlers from his back pocket

three small mines and an e.m.p electro magnetic disruptor