As the sun was finally down we decided to go back home because it was getting late. Nikolas still has a flight to catch tomorrow, he'll be back in Europe.

We may act to our parents like we are still together, I do believe that he wanted us to end this all.

For me, I. Just letting the time to choose when will it happen and what will happen if that time comes.

It's not hard to hide our real status. But to think that we need and we are hiding it from our parents.

Made us more nervous and guilty every time they asked us about our relationship.

Nikolas always answers those questions and I was just like, nodding my head and shaking my head if I don't like it.

"Mom, Nikols will leave. He still needs to catch his flight for tomorrow," I muttered to my parents.

"Sure sure, it's getting late also so you do need to go home Nikolas," Mom responded and look up to see the sky's looks.

"The sky is not so heavy, that won't rain so you should go home in hurry. It's not good with you to drive back to manila alone," She continued.

"It's okay auntie, I have my driver. We'll drive safe on the road,"

Nikolas assured my parents and kissed my mom's cheeks before he bows his head and left.

"Bring this to your mom, she'll love it. Tell her I'm the one who cooked that recipe," I uttered and gave him the white tapper wares with food inside.

"You're spoiling my mother, it'll be hard for her to accept that we already broke up." He mumbles and bitterly smiled.

"Stop that, I think this would be the last. Now go it's getting late, bye! Take care and drive safe!" Shouted with happiness and wave my hands as a sign of goodbye to him.

He went in the back seat and his driver opened the door for him before he went inside the car.

I can sense his sadness and teary eyes that he has kept hiding from me lately. Even if I know he still has love for me, I choose to become his best friend and never tried to be his girlfriend.

This setup we had right now is better and will be better if we parted from each other. We need to grow separately and never depend on each other.

He should know also how to grow alone and In proud to say that he's now learning how to. I guess I'll be the only one who'll practice growing by myself.

The noise of the chickens every morning ruined my sleep and made me wake up early. As I looked at my cellphone to see what time is.

It's already 6:30 in the morning and the sun's shine is a glitch in my room like I was hit by a bomb.

"Mom!" Yelp and step down our stairs to cook breakfast for us.

I usually cooked our food in the morning, afternoon until dinner time. Mom and dad were busy on the farm and so I was in our humble home.

My brother is in my grandma's house, he used to sleep in there but eat breakfast and lunch here. I laughed at the thought of it.

"The food is already cooked. You should be cleaned up and you still have exams to do in the city," My sister uttered and pointed to our calendar.

I choked the water that I drink and went closer to the calendar. Shocked and confused filled my body.

"Dang! You didn't wake me up! My exam is at 8:30 AM. You didn't wake me up," I complain, and just like one blink of an eye my body flew to our shower.

The cold water touched my soft skin and made me giggle caused of coldness of the water.

"Ah!" I screwed up and tried to pour another cup of water into my body.

"Yay! You didn't tell me that I should be waking you up early. All I know is you know that you have an exam for today," My sister muttered.

"Even so! you should have at least woke me up," I dramatically uttered and poured another water on my body.

After 2 minutes of taking a bath, I went out and took all my things so I could prepare them all in place.

Mom was on the farm already while dad is going to the City.

I'll be going with dad so I could free a fee in a taxi. Usually, a dad pays my fee. Every time I went with him to the city to check some universities that cater to scholarships and many more.

It does help me so much to finish my studies and be a good student with a high grades in all seems.

Being a scholar in a school should be having a maintained grade. No other things to do, except for studying and nothing else.

"Heart, are you going with me to the city or not?" Dad suddenly asked.

I was in my room fixing my clothes while he was in the kitchen eating his breakfast. As my eyes drifted on the clock, all my visions become blurry. The time runs so fast, damn! I couldn't even start eating my breakfast.

"Yes, dad! I'll go with you. Are you done eating breakfast?" I asked still combing my hair.

Luckily I'm already set and ready to go. Even though I'm tempted to eat my breakfast, I choose not to mind my awful stomach and just be energetic.

"Aren't you going to eat breakfast, Heart?" My dad asked and wiped his hands with the towel.

"Ah, hmm. I'm already full dad, besides I just woke up I'm not yet hungry." I denied and lied to him.

"You sure? we can still leave for a while after you eat your bread--,"

"No! They, we have to go, dad, time runs so fast and we still need to grab a taxi." I alibi and went out first in our house.

I sigh and gathered all strengths that I gain when I'm preparing my words for an interview.

This day will be the most perfect day for me, the exams will be hard and the only thing that I should do is keep on focused.

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