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All starts from where it had ended" This is almost correct in the case of the ACE. "Mumu, Papsie, I'm going to bring back what belongs to us. So we are leaving tomorrow."Said a girl to her parents. "Are you sure you have to go, baby? You know it's dangerous right, I can't lose you too Angel." Saying this her Mumsy's eyes watered, not wanting to let her baby/ Angel go. "No Mumsy, you know we have to go and solve this as soon as possible. Then only we can have a peaceful life Mumsy. Like we say 'All starts from where it had ended'. So we have to go and start from where it had ended. And I'll be back before you know Mumu. Ok? Love you a lot and see you soon." She said kissing her mother's cheeks and forehead. So the journey starts from here, in search of an inherited invaluable. After years of searching the ACE came to know where it is. The place where everything once ended. They go there by hiding their real identities in order to avoid their enemies. Will they succeed in their mission or will their enemies defeat them and take over the invaluable? An adventurous and thrilling journey about the ACE and their loved ones. So be ready to be part of a beautiful journey through friendship, love, hate, enemies, fights, heartbreak, tragedy and so more...


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