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Accidentally Yours


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To start it all, my name is Kate Hughes. I’m a senior and yes, this is my last year of being a high school. The only thing that sucks is the fact that I transferred to a new school that made my last year of high school as something that isn’t worth remembering. The fact that I’m new and other people treat me like I’m an invisible human being because they don’t even know me. I have a terrible family background, considering the fact that both my parents separated. I have tons of friends that I love and trust, but they are all in the city and I’m in this town that I don’t even know. I just moved here together with my mother who is obsessed about her work. My love life is a complete mess, I had a guy that I used to call my boyfriend until he decided to cheat on me. Before, I really believe on happy endings and the so called, “and they live happily ever after.” Lines that you usually hear and see on movies. But now, I’m beginning to see everything clearly that those so-called happy endings, doesn’t happen in real life. They only exist on movies and books. I wanted to prove myself wrong and believe that there really is a happy ending but can you blame me with all the things that has happened with my life? Those are the lines how I usually say about me and how I completely admit that my life is nothing but a mess. -- All I can do was tell you this, there is no such thing as forever. Just because something bad has happened to us or even we just stick on one thing, it already means that we just have to live with it and get stuck in one box, we can’t. Life must go on because unexpected things are waiting for us. Like the fact how the guy I met started to change my life, little by little. It all started with one accident.