Accidentally trapped in Sweet Wonderland
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Accidentally trapped in Sweet Wonderland


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What is Accidentally trapped in Sweet Wonderland

Accidentally trapped in Sweet Wonderland is a popular web novel written by the author meixiaolian, covering ROMANCE, FEMALE LEAD, LOVE STORY, CUTE MALE LEADS, CONTEMPORARY- ROMANCE, HOPELESSROMANTIC, TRAPPEDINABOOK, SHOUJO NOVEL, ISEKAI ROMANCE, CHICKLIT, Teen genres. It's viewed by 10.4K readers with an average rating of 4.78/5 and 11 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 18 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


Imagining yourself as one of the heroine in romance books you’ve read is what Shan Lee—a hopeless romantic girl could relate to. Having a boyfriend seemed to be impossible after the rejections she received from her own list of crushes. Upon reading on a romance book that her aunt sent as a gift, she found herself in unusual setting. She encountered different type of men and different type of sweet occurrences, it felt real as if she isn’t dreaming—to her at least. Was it all a dream or would it lead her to find love? the photo used in the cover is not mine credits to the owner/artist

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To be honest it's great everything is just perfect. I love it. The imagination here is really great. And while reading I can feel each scene happening in front of me. I am really blown away. Not really into these types of novels but this novel has grabbed my attention for sure.


the synopsis is nice and the author write it well. Its and ideal story for me, a girl that is trapped in a book. Definitely would read recommend this.


I'm waiting for the next chapter and waiting for the upcoming arcs of what will the main character meet, this book is cute to read. This book is like a reverse-harem but magical because the main character was trapped inside the book.


[img=recommend]a magical book that transform you as a main character as you read along the book is what says in the prologue, this makes romance fun. this book is recommended to girls that are wishing to be on the books that they've read.


Girls would relate to this, this book is awesome. I like this book and add it to my library. This book is recommended. [img=recommend][img=recommend]


I love the cover! A really good story for those who want to see themselves in the main character. I think many people can relate to this main character, which makes a romance fun!


This novel is recommended!! I like how the author decided to pick a new genre. Author you have to do grammatical editing but apart from that this a great efforts put. It starts off in an interesting way. The plot is intriguing. Love ❤️❤️❤️❤️ for author for trying and working hard. You will like this book! Do give it a shot! It's recommended!!


So far so good, but oi! I'm longing for chapter 5! The bad: I need more updates. I can stop whenever I want, you're addicted! The word choice is poor in places, like to the point where I've noticed, but the story is so enthralling that it makes up for it. The meh: I need more, come on mei, please? D-don't make me beg. The good: I love the characters and the story! I love how it all comes alive in my head without me needing to go insane trying. Honestly, if you give me more... and maybe let me suggest some edits... s-say, c-can I get a new chapter?


4 chapters in, and I’m enjoying the story a lot! The plot is just about to take off, so I can’t wait for the next chapter! From the beginning, the MC is a memorable and relatable character. And I can already see the tension’s rising after the huge change in her life. I’ll be waiting to see how she lives her life out :)


Okay. Hat off to the author. Was too invested. I don't realize I need to wait next chapter. Author nim. I'll wait for the next one. This is good. Please read everyone


This is one amazing Teen Romance novel. Though there are only few chapters to read but I'm telling you once you'll read you will going to be immersed in this story. The FL is quite dejected when she was rejected by her crush but as the story grows it felt she's becoming strong. Thanks dear author for writing such a wonderful story. Please keep writing this story as it's really interesting to read. All my best wishes are with you.


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