Accidentally Exposing the Real Heiress’ True Colors!

"Nan Xi is the precious gem of our Nan family!" "The purpose of Nan Zhao's existence is to bring this kind-hearted angel to our family!" After being framed and in a coma for three months by the fake heiress, Nan Zhao finally realized the truth. As the youngest heiress of the Nan family, she was switched at birth by the family's nanny. She should have enjoyed the love of her parents and older brother and lived a luxurious life, but instead, she suffered for nineteen years before being brought back to the Nan family. At first, Nan Zhao tried her best to please every family member. But no matter what she did, she could never match up to Nan Xi. The Nan family used all means to suppress her. They made her enter the entertainment circle together with the fake heiress and provided the best resources to the fake heiress. Meanwhile, Nan Zhao was forever given the malicious supporting role to make the fake heiress look better. After waking up, Nan Zhao decided to be true to herself. She no longer tried to please anyone and would retaliate equally against anyone who treated her badly. During a wild outdoor live variety show, the guests and the production team lost contact. The industry-recognized, kind-hearted young star, Nan Xi, took the lead in isolating the infamous star, Nan Zhao. In the face of bullying, Nan Zhao was fearless and attacked everyone without discrimination. She unleashed herself in the forest, swinging on tree vines, climbing, grabbing bananas from monkeys, and even fiercely fighting various large animals. Little did she know that the forest was filled with hidden cameras, and everything she did was being live-streamed. After the variety show, Nan Zhao became famous, but in a way that shattered her reputation worldwide.

Mountain Springs · Urban
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40 Chs

Returning to the Nan Family

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"Nan Zhao, you can't say that. The Nan family has let you down in some ways, but you can't go against your parents, hit people, and sell the Nan family's shares, right?" Nan Ye came back to his senses and said in a gentle tone.

He remembered how Nan Zhao had fawned over him. At that time, he liked a co-branded game console very much. It was hard to get one on the market, and Nan Zhao had helped him buy one.

Moreover, when he was drunk or in trouble outside, Nan Zhao would always be at his beck and call to handle everything for him.

Looking at it this way, Nan Zhao wasn't so hateful that she couldn't be forgiven. He said, "Besides, it's because of your personality. If you're as sensible and cute as Little Xi, everyone will treat you well. Think about it. If everyone in the family doesn't like you, then you must have problems. You have to do self-reflection."

Nan Zhao frowned. Nan Ye's theory was that the Nan family treated her badly because there was something wrong with her.

Nan Zhao looked at him like he was a fool.

Seeing that Nan Zhao did not speak, Nan Ye said self-righteously, "How about this? You've hurt Little Xi the most. You used to bully Little Xi and make her cry. As long as you sincerely apologize to Little Xi and get her forgiveness, I can help you plead with Mom and Dad and let you return to the Nan family."

Looking at Nan Ye's charitable expression, Nan Zhao simply spat on his face. "I don't want to go back to a place where lunatics like the Nan family gather! Do you still want me to apologize? I think there's something wrong with your head and your brain is missing a few grooves!"

Then, she walked up to Nan Xi and asked Nan Ye, "You said that I used to make her cry and bully her, right?"

Nan Xi dodged back guiltily, not daring to look into Nan Zhao's eyes.

[Nan Xi's reaction is obviously guilty. She doesn't dare to face it. She doesn't even dare to answer. There must be something wrong!]

[Nan Xi must have lied. Haha, Nan Zhao is so amazing. Confronting her face to face.]

[Am I the only one who noticed that Nan Zhao has already begun to focus her power? I've been watching Nan Zhao for so long that I can sense her telepathically. Nan Xi will definitely be beaten up again.]

[Nan Xi, explain yourself! You're the one being bullied, what are you afraid of?]

[Little Xi, don't be afraid! We will back you up. Nan Zhao, you just wait!]

Nan Ye still didn't realize what Nan Zhao was going to do. Hearing this, he angrily on counted his fingers and said, "You killed Little Xi's cat, cut her with a knife, led everyone to isolate her on the set, and deliberately snatched her gown to wear on the show. Not only did you take the shares that should have been given to Little Xi, but you also sold them. All your actions were to chase Little Xi out of the Nan family. Nan Zhao, you're really vicious. You've done so many bad things and you don't even repent!"

"Haha." Nan Zhao smiled. It turned out that Nan Xi had put so many charges on her behind her back. She had really put in a lot of effort.

"Nan Xi, aren't you going to help me explain anything?" Nan Zhao said with a smile as she looked at Nan Xi in the corner.

Nan Xi wiped the tears from her face and looked at Nan Zhao, then at the righteous Nan Ye. She stammered, "I, what do I have to explain?! You bullied me. When I go back, I'll definitely tell Dad, Mom, and my brothers what you did to me…"

Before Nan Xi could finish, Nan Zhao reached out and pinched her arm. "Your mouth is as black as your heart. A few words and you're able to distort right and wrong."

"Ah!" Nan Xi cried out in pain.

Nan Zhao then stared into her eyes and said, "I killed your cat?! That kitten was obviously a stray cat that I saved on the road. You said that it was cute and wanted to raise it, so I gave it to you. When it scratched you, you were so angry that you smashed it to death. In the end, you blamed it on me? Aren't you afraid that the kitten's ghost will come and take your life at night?"

Nan Xi was so frightened that she shook her head. "No, no, it wasn't obedient. It scratched my hand!"

"And then you said your cat scratch was where I cut you?" Nan Zhao narrowed her eyes.

"I, I remembered wrong!" Nan Xi dodged.

Seeing that Nan Xi wanted to escape, Nan Zhao held her shoulder and dragged her back.

"Why are you making things difficult for Little Xi? The cat is just a beast, and Little Xi only blamed you because she remembered wrongly!" Seeing Nan Zhao and Nan Xi confronting each other, Nan Ye became anxious.

[Oh my God, Nan Xi is abusing cats. I'm really going to throw up.]

[Cat lovers strongly condemn her. How can such an uncaring female artist be called kind?]