Accidental Harem: Let's Kiss Again!
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Accidental Harem: Let's Kiss Again!


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What is Accidental Harem: Let's Kiss Again!

Accidental Harem: Let's Kiss Again! is a popular web novel written by the author MysticAmy, covering REVERSEHAREM, ROMANCE, COMEDY, MAGIC, ACADEMY, ADVENTURE, FRIENDSHIP, ACTION, TRIALS, , Fantasy Romance genres. It's viewed by 208.4K readers with an average rating of 4.96/5 and 15 reviews. The novel is being serialized to 164 chapters, new chapters will be published in Webnovel with all rights reserved.


"Wh-who the hell are you and why are you kissing me!?" With Aranea backing away as she hid her lips with her forearm, the blue-haired man who came out of nowhere approached her, making Aranea stand up abruptly but was suddenly stopped when he knelt down right in front of her. "Where is my phone!? Why did you turn into a human being? Why did you kiss me!?" Ignoring her series of questions, the man held her right hand then he kissed the back of her palm, introducing himself to her—everyone flabbergasted with what he said. "My name is Leonel. I am your loyal familiar that you have summoned, Aranea Griffin." *** Aranea Griffin, together with her twin sister, Elenea Griffin, received an invitation to enroll in a magic school. Their foster mother was ecstatic to receive such news! However, she felt doubt on how Aranea had received the invitation when they knew that she did not possess any magical powers compared to her twin sister having musical, healing powers! That was what most people thought... until Aranea kissed her phone, transforming it into a man who claimed to be her loyal familiar! Maybe Aranea may not be as powerless as they think she is... ~ [WARNING: Some chapters of the book may contain mature R-18 content.] Cover commissioned to: Chainslock Update Schedule: Daily, 18:00 (6PM) GMT+8 Information about the cover: The cover will change along with the story. With the familiars that Aranea will unlock, the chibi character will no longer be dimmed. ;) So stay tuned, and enjoy the story! Want to further show your support? Send me a ko-fi~! ^^ Link: https://ko-fi.com/mysticamy

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Before I say anything, the author is a certified Harry Potter fan and I can see it in the story. It has the mix of normalcy and magic, has the mystical school which sends invitations—but imagine it's set in our time where smartphones exist and that there's no Dursley family to keep you in the dark. So if you are an HP fan as well, that might be enough to intrigue you to read on what could it be like if Hogwarts existed in a time and when COVID doesn't 🤣🤣🤣 Chapter 1 to 5 are pretty much the entire introduction of the plot and the characters (I think). If you're the type to get in on the action right away, you might want to skim these through so you could give the novel a fair chance to suit your taste. 5 chapters in and I'm mind boggled. Up until the end of chapter 5, I thought the twins are fraternal twins with opposite personalities born from the same mother and on the same date. SO WHY AM I BEING MADE TO THINK THE TWINS HAVE DIFFERENT FATHERS?! (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻ I don't consider this as a spoiler because it's in the beginning of the book. It can literally be part of the synopsis. I'm stating it now because I feel like it's a good twist (except it's only a theory so that might be the reason why it's not implied in the synopsis.) Story starts out strong with a flashback/dream. Then, we look into a day in the life of the twins, Aranea and Elenea where it turns upside down with a golden ticket to visit Harry Potter World in Universtal Studios—no, wait. I meant magic land. They're off to a school of witchcraft and wizardly—I mean alchemy and bestiary. Except Aranea can't go because she has no magic like Harry's Aunt Petunia and has to plead her case to the headmaster—who am I kidding? Of course, she goes. She's been invited and I can't wait to find out what kind of magic she possesses! LIKE FOR PART 2! Lmao. No, seriously. I am going to leave a seperate review for Chapter 6 to 10 for those that want to hear about the start of the adventure. I'm writing it in a different review because 1) this is getting too long and 2) to give the novel a chance despite the slow beginning which I am okay with but others may not be. See you!


This is for the readers who want to dive right into the story because this review is for Chapter 6 to 10—which is the beginning part of the adventure while Chapter 1-5 are introductions on the main characters and their background. I merely speculated it at first but OH BOY IT TRULY IS THE BEGINNING OF THE ADVENTURE. Amy's writing style is direct to the point that the narrative is paced beautifully so it keeps your attention in place. How can I say that you may ask? Well, there's the mysterious bus, the talking duck, the eye monster of death, the Ron-Harry-Hermione hybrid character, the floatings academy, the flying beasts to take you there, the psycho mythical bird that attacked the main characters, the potential obnoxious male lead, the giant talking frog, the beautiful trap professor and the peculiar setup version of the Hogwarts houses. All of these in the span of five chapters. If this is the staple for the rest of the book, you will not be bored. If you're here for the romance, we are definitely getting the introductions for it. We're getting to know the male characters as they are. The character personalities are much more prominent here. They're easily distinguishable besides their looks. My favorite part would have to be how Aranae proved she is not useless like the kids at the orphanage thought she would be because she lacked magic. Also, it seems like she's not the only one who gets a random headache because of a memory. Ehehehehe. I can't think of anything else to tell you as a reason to give this book a chance. The world-building like I said in the other review is done really well. If you're ever confused, the author is more than willing to clarify things up. Overall, it's a fantasy adventure about a girl's journey to realize her true potential. The answer maybe in her flashback/dream or in a male who is a pain in the arse—


I will give myself an honest review. 😁 To be honest, I never thought of giving myself a 5-star review like what others do because I want to do a self-assessment of my writing like how I did it with my other stories. ☺️ Anyway, here goes! 💪 Writing quality, I honestly give myself a 4. Why? I am not quite satisfied with how I am writing. As I write, sometimes I find the difficulty to express what I’ve been meaning to express and I limit myself to words I already know and used. 🧐 As a writer, I should further improve myself and narrate better since this is also not my usual fantasy story that I write. But quite frankly, I found myself having the difficulty to do so because of my schedule and from time to time, laziness. 😅 Updating stability, of course, I’d give myself a 5. 😁 I update daily so why the heck not, right? 😂 Story development is also a 5. As a writer, I am also enjoying the pace of my story. It’s neither fast nor slow—just at the right pacing as I don’t rush it. I plan to make this a long story, too, so I hope I can pull it off! Character design I proudly give myself a 5. 😂 I’ll be shameless on this part because I’ve been planning my characters either before or DURING writing. The characters done while writing is what amazes me, though. 🤣 I have to write them down on a notebook so I make sure not to mix them up considering that this is a story with harem instilled in it—with other unique characters as well! I’m having fun doing characters, actually! 🤩 And lastly, world background, 4. To be honest, this is one of the things I am struggling with in writing this story. I find myself having to plot about my setting on the spot, and it gives me the difficulty to backtrack on what I said sometimes so I can avoid loopholes. Other than that, I have to further shape the realm of the book so I can explain other concepts fully. This is going to be a tough, challenging job, but I’ll manage! 💪 An overall rate of 4.6! So far even though I find this challenging to write compared to my other stories, I am having fun and I am learning little by little! Action scenes and fantasy-based writing can get the best of me, though! 😅 Draining, but challenging! 🤩 I’ll keep on writing~!


Yo Yo Yo Guys!!! this story is the best story for me so far!!! Oh Good lord, it keeps getting better and better every chapter! so guys... if you want fantasy and romannce... this is perfect for you!!! read this and share this with your friendsss!


A five-star review for an awesome story!!! I like how you develop your world background. The Mystic Academy reminds me of a Ghibli film. And though your characters are twins, I can't help but like Aranea more. [img=faceslap] The author already mastered weaving the right pacing to hook her readers, with her awesome character design and well-written story.


another fantasy story made by you to look forward too! I already like how this story is taking place with her harems and all and I know it will be a challenge for you to write but you will enjoy! keep on writing! ❤️❤️❤️


Reveal spoiler


What a tongue twister—Elenea and Aranea! This novel gives me HP vibes, but at the same time, the story has this separate and unique mysterious charm that just pulls you in and urges you to continue to the next chapter. I can see myself reading more of Accidental Harem in the near future. Highly recommended. Thank you Author for your hard work!


I m not a bug fan of harem stories, but I m big fan of author, so I start to read this story and I can say this is a must read story, very different and interesting 💕💕💕 just love it


I am reading another book by Mystic Amy and love it. So decided to try this one too and was immediately interested in reading more with just the first chapter. Made me want to learn more about why the FL dream kept recurring. Cant wait to learn more.


Writing quality, story development are awesome ✨ , and as it's a story of Amy so there is no grammar mistake ✨✨... the story is unique as expected from my favorite author ... All of you must give it a try ..


Another great fantasy story from my niece. Great job! Knowing your writing quality, it is very good but I implore you to use great vocabs. I am not familiar of what a harem is but searching it on net it is good. I read this based on the chapters you read me before you posted the story and it is very interesting. It is something unique to the usual novels that I read. Very good! Keep it up.


Amazing plot, it's so relatable and easy to follow. I can imagine those beasts they are hunting! The writing quality is superb just like the other stories of the author. I like the interaction Aranea has with her familiars. Can't wait to meet all of her familiars in the future!


I super like this story and would recommend it for anyone who likes fantasy romance. The writing quality is great! The pacing of the story is just right. It is enjoyable to read with how the author develops each character, and the world background was awesome though some might say that it would remind you of other things you watch or read, I think that's what makes it awesome! It is easy to imagine the world they are in!


good story development and character design....need to update regular...if possible...2 chapter per day.. if u want to increase audience....


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