Abyssal Path: The Arcane Warrior Book

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Abyssal Path: The Arcane Warrior


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Lucien Sin one of the Kings of the martial art world. A guy who spent most of his life through hardship and injustice but never failed to beat the shit out of arseholes and those standing in his way. In a world governed by martial combat ability. Joining a faction he made a name for himself and he considered them his life long friends. They were all brutally murdered. One of the seven Kings deemed his group too dangerous to his throne, threatening his position and so he personally took matters into his own hands. His little sister and his best friend murdered and he wasn't there to save them. Everything he built taken from him and by no means an accident. So he challenge the king then the king died, it was total annihilation his people called him King Sin a befitting title, those who he deemed sin were killed mercilessly and those who stand in his way. ========================= He joined the gang wanting to make money to look after his little sister Elaine and he found a place where he belong. Training and refining himself he was unmatched. Lucien taking out hundreds of opponents as the vice-leader, it was his job and being the spearhead of the Noble Foxes. All the members call him big brother ever since the battle of sloth a battle for territory, he defeated more than 500 in a pit of rage; his gangs members, friends were being slaughtered one after another, it was a fight in the thousands. Seeing their vice-leader crying in pure rage and hearing his mighty battle roar increased the moral several folds, and then the rest were dropping like flies. After this event Lucien's family's fate was forever sealed and so being their death. Gerald was the leader of their gang and Lucien's best friend and they were inseparable. On the battlefield they were known as 'Sin Brothers' and together they could easily take on a small time gang. Both being orphans and best friends promised they'd always would be brothers no matter what and they decided on sharing the same last name aswell as Elaine. Gerald treated her like a little sister. And for once Lucien felt like he finally had a family. After becoming king, everything felt meaningless and then one day he died reincarnating into another world. Unknown voice" So kiddo life's been real harsh huh? And yet the worst is yet to come KeKee~possibly. If your wish is to protect those most to you child then you'll have to walk through abyss. If you want the freedom to chose your own fate then you'll forge it in abyss. Everything's going to change now for better or worse. I've been watching over you and I'll continue to do so. I like you so don't go losing your way, don't fall in dispear." Lucien" I couldn't save myself from falling into abyss. Losing myself being consumed by it. Hahahaa ahh I COULDN'T SAVE Anyone! Everyone I ever cared about is gone. I wasn't there for them when they needed me and because of me there dead. unknown voice" BOY only in abyss can one shine so learn from your mistakes. You have to keep walking on, no matter how dark it gets. So carry their dreams with you Lucien, do it for Elaine and Gerald, carry their dreams." Lucien" alright" (with a affirmative nod he whipped his tears. Preparing for the path ahead) "what's your name?" unknown voice "it's Lilith Rosa. I prepared you a little parting gift, enjoy and I wish you luck Lucien Sin." Soul record: congratulations you've aquired the abyssal heart (thank you Rosa) [a new light shown into his eyes full of hope. Its was a new beginning]


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