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Abyss Domination

Eminent Student Of Buddha

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He doesn’t know why his mind has been transferred into that of a petty thief named Soran within the VRMMO . The new ‘Soran’ though possesses both the body’s previous occupant’s memories and his own. Using his experience as a Legendary Rogue who had reached the apex known as the Realm of Legends, he will now have to survive in this world which had once been a game to him. Soran will have to grow stronger while avoiding the upcoming dangers and protect his younger sister, Vivian, from the chaotic times which will soon devastate the world. He shall eliminate everything and everyone that threatens them, but perhaps Vivian might not need his protection? When the demons of the Abyss rise and the gods fall, a massacre will take place across the world. Divinity has fallen, and evil is surging from beneath. The Time of Troubles has begun.

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For new readers who don't know, this novel translates into GravityTales until chapter 96 TOTALLY FREE! Webnovel seriously ... If I am personally going to read and pay for the chapters (not the 96 that are already free and here they are charging) instead of chapter 97 onwards, before that I will not pay anything. I feel sorry for GravityTales because the chapters chapters are a copy and paste of their translation and I feel disgusted with Webnovel, not for stopping the translation of the novel in GravityTales but for taking someone else's work to copy their work and paste it disgustingly while it is free elsewhere, they will charge for those chapters (5 or 6 SS minimum) You know, go to GravityTales, read until Chapter 96 for free and, if you like it, continue from 97 onwards, I don't think there is a reason to do so since they had at least a week to translate Chapter 97 into less


Water. Water. One water. 20% plot. 80% of the descriptions. This is not a novel. This is a game guide. The most detailed, which devotes entire chapters to a superficial description of the class. And then another chapter, which describes a part of the class skills. But this is only the beginning of suffering. Describe skills, classes, battle systems ............... and do not show in the plot. Describe the skills and class, but in the plot show through 100-150 chapters this, of course, without forgetting 2-3 chapters to repeat the previous descriptions. The main minus of the novel is that the author makes a guide to the game, not a novel. And of course REPETITIONS. Repeat every 5 chapters as far as legends are cool, with a description of their coolness. And to say how MC is far from them. What for? From the pros, MC. Nice world. But the main minus is a huge amount of description. Literally describing damage calculation formulas. WHAT FOR? You do not play the game. You cannot manage this data.


I way prefer the whole VRMMO but now is a real world over the standard "VRMMO but go back 2 years". The whole 'this company spent millions designing content for only one player to get' or 'unfair advantages for the first player' or 'secret systems that no of the other millions of players think of' just are dumb. People aren't that stupid, and I appreciate it when an author doesn't lower the IQ of humanity by 100 points so their main character can dominate.


Personally, I find this novel a really fun read but it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. The author goes into a lot of detail about just about everything, especially with regards to the D&D type leveling system which some readers may find tedious. On the other hand it has an interesting main character who doesn’t always use having played the game before to solve all his problems and instead has to make plans ahead of time to succeed, an interesting world and story reminiscent of Night Ranger, and some cool side characters to flesh things out. I suggest giving it a try!


I'm not sure if anyone remembers me, but I am SaltyTank, the original translator of AD back on Gravity Tales. I have read a few of the comments that seem to bash QI for copying my chapters and making them premium while they are completely free on GT, and thus I would like to give my opinion on what they are doing. Before I continue, do note that I willingly passed over the novel to the current translator and left QI for many reasons that have already been explained on my GT post. QI has all the rights to my chapters (at least up to c90), so technically they're not stealing because I was paid for my work. The only grey area would be c91-96 because I posted them after my GT contract expired and wasn't paid for the work, but the chapters were still copied over (with very minor edits) to QI. I honestly couldn't care less at this point and I would have handed them over anyways if they asked. Regarding the chapters being free on GT, I believe QI was supposed to take down the novel on GT once it hits the QI library, but apparently they couldn't be bothered to do it for some reason. So yes, enjoy the free chapters while it lasts, you never know when they will go down ;) Anyways, that's all I have to say. I'm sure more chapters are on the way, and hope you all enjoy the series even though I no longer work on it. (I'm not a big fan of the premium chapters either welp)


One of the better written stories written in its genre. Positives 1) Solid MC, who readers can related to on a human level. 2) Good side characters that are interesting and bring more to the story 3) Cute Sister who really helps drive the story, while also giving agency for the MC 4) Interesting World, and world building. 5) Cool battle and fights scenes, and nothing to over top. 6) Bad guys actually make sense, and some cool villans throughout the series. I was sad when this was originally dropped by the first TLer. Hope this catches up soon GL and bless the new/current TL team. Now all I want is someone to pick up Pursuing Immorality, and bring back the masterpiece...


Way, WAY too much world building. I don't need to know every details about every creatures, classes, damage formulas and the world as a whole that are taking over 3/4 of each the chapters which are often repeated in multiple chapters. Sorry, i really tried but it is making it unreadable for me.


Very similar to night ranger. Characters aren't always the best but it makes up for it with great action and pretty good world design. Other thing that I love is that it has a d&d based leveling system. Overall pretty good.


Reveal spoiler


The novel smell like plagiat of Night Ranger both have reincarnation into game world both were legendary rogue class before reincarnation the systems are nearly identical from the look of things both will use double daggers both have little sibling that need help there will be frequent contact with gods after the poor 5 chapters I could mistake it for Night Ranger


Since there has been no update in a week, this might have been dropped. This socks because I spent coins on supporting this and now it seems like a waste.


Reveal spoiler


Something is wrong with the privlage system so I'll new chapters are not able to be seen I still see the chapter count rising but maybe they don't know what is happening


Excellent story, set in a D&D style universe that is hurtling towards an apocalypse. It has a bit of infodump towards the beginning, but the story remains fun throughout. The MC is powerful, but not so much that he is op. Well worth the read.


I think that this one was really similar to Night Ranger and The Legendary Mechanic on here. There is going to be something happening soon and the MC arrived before that event. He begins to prepare for it. I caught up to like ch 500 through the MTLs but I got tired of MTL. Good to see that this is back. I think my criticisms have to do with the characters being kind of flat and one dimensional. But I think the action and other parts of it make up for it. Other series that are similar to this one are Age of Adepts and Warlock of the Magus World. If you liked any of the before mentioned series, then I think you'll like this one.


This the book that I most looked forward to being updated, hopefully they will start updating it again soon. I like the twists and turns that go on throughout the story.


I really liked that the both brother and sister depend on each other back to back with the world against story development. And this novel is quite unique with the sister being more powerful than mc .


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