2 Transported to another World

Where am I?"Chen Feng opened both his eyes and discovered that he was in a small thatched hut, and he also smells of something decaying.

He recalled that he was playing "Soul Cultivator" and after an explosion, he was brought to this hut.

In "Soul Cultivator", he is at the bone ash level (Max level). He is already at the maximum level of 100, and his whole body was made up of epic level equipment, refined to the highest level,12.

He was also placed first in the game's ranking system. Both the skills he possessed and his equipment were unmatched in the game. Relying on the game "Soul Cultivator" this world's most popular virtual reality game to make a living, he also got into the records of earning the most through professional gaming with a fortune that surpassed 10 billion.

However in his magnificent life, he did not have a woman, but only maids that accompanied him. Usually, the reason for not being able to have a woman is because one does not have the money or have a rather bad appearance. However, this was not the case for Cheng Feng who is worth 10 billion and who possessed extraordinarily looks and who looks brave and dignified. The only reason was that he was wholly absorbed into researching the game and had not time to chase girls.

Apart from gaming, eating and shitting he spends most of his time researching the game.

What is more unbelievable is that Chen Feng only dreams about the game, and how he is able to kill monsters to level up, enhance equipment or defeat other players. Just before his death, he was still together with his game character and died together."Where is this?"Chen Feng struggled to stand from bunches of firebrands, and carefully observe his surroundings. "still haven't died?"This place seems unlikely to be hell.

He walked to the door only to discover that it was locked from the outside.

He tried pushing and suddenly, rumbling sounds could be heard and the wooden door broke into fragments and got blown into the distant sky.

He shockingly looked at both his hands and was filled with disbelief.Since when did I have so much strength!Looking at his pair of slender hands which should not be able to contain such strength, he became shocked and wondered if they were really his hands

At this moment, Chen Feng which did not even have the chance to look at the outside world.

Heard a game prompt sound in his head. " 'Ding' character successfully created, player, obtains one beginner gift package and a promotion gift."

What shit? Chen Feng was shocked ...

Did he return to the game world? During the time his image computer exploded, he received a mysterious call.

" God Slayer, please enjoy the joys of your death!"God Slayer is Chen Feng's game Id name and his strength in the game befitted this name.

The lonely god is only a nickname created by his fans ten years ago when he suddenly got thrown into the spotlight. Before then he was slowly leveling up by himself.

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During the explosion, he knew that it was a ploy set up by his enemies in the game as there were many, so much so that he lost count who wanted him dead.

But as a professional hacker, no one could track him through the IP address of the game.

However everyone makes mistakes, and because of just one small mistake, he paid the price with his life!

Unless, his death was not really caused by a plot from his enemies but rather by someone else so that he could enter the game?

Since he is already stuck in the game, Chen Feng naturally must observe his attribute.

Characters: Chen Feng

Rank: 0 levels

Strength: 10

Physique: 1

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Agile: 1

Speed: 1

Spirit Strength: 0

Attribute: Fire

Spirit Level: none



attack power: 100

magic power: 0

Defense: 10

"what is happening?"Chen Feng felt uncertain, although the attribute of his character and those in" Soul Cultivator" is almost the same, many other places are entirely different.

In "Soul Cultivator", beginning attributes generally hover around about 5, and the lowest would be 1 point. Basically, there is no one with 0 points as the attribute will be considered useless.

Similarly, the maximum Initial attribute is 10 points which are already considered extremely good and the character is basically invincible and naturally, the gaming company would not allow this to happen. However, now Cheng Feng's spirit's strength is at 0 while he has heaven-defying strength at 10 points. If the strength attribute were to have 10 points, one can already be considered as a god in" Soul Cultivator" so long as one's level is not low. The sad part is that his spirit attribute is 0, and he is basically unable to cultivate by absorbing qi from heaven and earth.

Opening the backpack, he discovered its maximum capacity to be at 1000. But when the player starts the game their backpack can only contain 100 items. After promoting to level 10, one can do a quest to expand the backpack by 100 slots, and subsequently every 10 levels later.

What really caused Chen Feng to be pleasantly surprised is, his backpack unexpectedly is already at its maximum capacity,1000 slots. This means that there is no need to complete the quest, later on, to expand his backpack saving him lots of time.

He tried opening the ranking system but realized that he is unable to use his mind to open it, what is happening?

Does it mean that the game just started? If he remembered correctly, "Soul Cultivator" this game had been in operation for more than ten years, does it mean to say that I am transported to the time when the game first started? Before playing any games, Chen Feng used to read novels that talk about transportation to a different world on his cell phone. To think that he himself also got transported into another world!

Even though Chen Feng is at a place similar to the game "Soul Cultivatord" he feels that generally the place he is in and the game is different.

It was at this moment that Chen Feng surprisingly detected, some new memories in his brain. This unexpectedly is a memory of another person, how is this possible?

Chen Feng's complexion is paled immediately, was he taken possession by a demon?

If the demon takes possession, this may not be good as it will cause the initial attribute of players to drop.

However, after a long time, he realized that he did not get transported into the game but rather into an entirely new and different world and his soul seems to possess a youth that was dead and he was reincarnated In this youth's body.

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