1 The Death of the Lonely God

The J City is a small city in C province, but today, the city is bustling with activities and filled with people, comparable to the nation's biggest economic center during these few days.

The economy is rapidly rising these few days together with the congregation of game elites all over China. In this day and age with the advancement in technology and social media, being a gamer is becoming a very well sought after the occupation. The war between nations is no longer about military might, it involves gaming as well.

Gamers all over China are now gathered in this small city and because of this, the GF highest Department has deployed their special forces to protect and ensure the safety of these players.

The elites who are gathered here are considered world-class players in the game <<Soul Cultivator>>. As there are so many world-class players here, not just the country but the world as well is paying particularly close attention to the happenings here. And all of this is because of the passing away of a person, "Lonely God" who is considered the best player in the world. No one knew his surname but they know that he represents unquenchable strength and unending destruction.

In "Soul Cultivator", he is the 'god'. The third world war which fought for peace and harmony was fought in the game "Soul Cultivator", jointly developed by 10 countries.

However, the Yan Huang country is facing an unprecedented crisis. Yan Huang country because of its rich and fertile grounds (giant fat), is now a target by the countries around the world. The Ten Country Alliance, which is made up of many of the world's top elite players launched the most violent attack against the Yan Huang country.

Innumerable players fought their best to protect their homes and defend their country. Some were even exhausted to death in the game, but the Yan Huang country remains standing amidst the chaos and suffering of its citizens. It was at this time that the player "Lonely God" appeared.

He who was once a nobody, until he was able to acquire the game's ultimate equipment within 10 years and in the gaming world he alone stood against tens of thousands of opponents and eventually defeated them and the Ten Country Alliance which was made up of (bone ashes) legendary players.

In the stadium of J city, over ten thousand audiences were lamenting the departure of their gaming legend "Lonely God" where the giant screen was broadcasting the adventures of 'Lonely God.'.


At this time, a piercing sound could be heard and a person with a long sword on his left hand and a heavy knife on his right hand stood proudly in the video. As he wields his sword, spatial cracks could be seen while the earth shook.

The weapons were seemingly assimilated to the man, appearing to be more like a beast with claws than a man. With a swing of his arm, the weapons magically disappeared, to only re-appear after a body has been cleanly cut in two; and with a simple leap, the man seems to have jumped over the sky.

As the sword and knife interweave, sounds of sword and knife clashes could be heard unceasingly.


The left hand wields the great sword, displays being lost in thought level skills unexpectedly. Ten thousand light rays erupt, forming a huge array in the sky flashing dazzlingly.

[Evil Spirit Knife Bites the Soul.]

In the array formation which emits golden rays, black lines of the evil knife shadows can be seen flickering.

Ten thousand of bone ash level players who were watching the video were shocked, and some even broke into a cold sweat. What is this? How is it possible for a person to simultaneously perfect two skills from different occupations? In "Cultivation God", to have a person simultaneously perfect two skills from different occupations is extremely difficult, akin to transcending the heavens.

The operation of one's skill tests a person's technique, but to use this double attribute god-level skill, until now, even if some possess such abilities, they would also not be able to display the technique to this level. But such a thing was easily displayed by "Lonely God".

Amongst the tens of thousands of bone ash level players in the Ten Country Alliance, a person just like a hungry wolf is shuttling back and forth with his four limbs which are touching the ground. The way he runs seems as if he is running for his life.

At this time, most domestic elite players are dead and being restricted by the respawn time. While his four limbs are touching the ground while running, he was still able to display various skills. "Crazy Wolf runs." This is a god-level running skill, which is known to be the most difficult skill to operate because it requires the player to run like a wolf, and also act exactly like a wolf. As a human being, how could it be possible to run like a wolf?

However, when 'Lonely God" performs this skill, it caused all players to sigh. "This is the human form of an ominous beast!"

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The video which was being broadcasted repeatedly showed dangerous moments during "Lonely God's" adventure. Many fights during the third world war were being played on the screen.

In ten years, the global Ten Country Alliances carried out innumerable wars to unite the world.

Within ten years, the Huaxia country has become the superpower of the world, all thanks to the efforts of, "Lonely God"

He was the one who often turned defeat into victories and stole valuable equipment from the Ten Country Alliance.

He who was the first to be recorded as the best player in the world was also the one to die together with the game. His death brought sorrow to countless people, and many cried in sorrow for him.

As for the "Lonely Wolf" death, the reason is very simple. Because his strength was too powerful and he also possessed something that belongs to the Ten Country Alliance that was able to shock the world. The Ten Country Alliances already could not resist the Huaxia empire, and with this mystical item, the Ten Country Alliances in the game will be facing the crisis of destruction. Hence, Ten Countries conspire with the world's strongest assassination organization to assassinate 'Lonely God' with their full strength. In the end, "Lonely God" was killed by his own family.

However, the most shocking thing occurred which confused the world. When the world's best player "Lonely God" died, the "Soul Cultivator" game also unexpectedly closed down and the intelligent control system of the game was also completely paralyzed. With the current technology, the world is unable to repair the intelligent control system. So, you may wonder how the game was first created? The reason was entirely due to a mystical man who took out a Gem that allowed the impossible to occur.

But now, even with the world's top, searching organization, the whereabouts of this mystical man continues to remain unknown as if he had evaporated into thin air. All the gamers in the world temporarily cannot enter this virtual reality game. But the fact of the death of 'Lonely God', will forever be recorded in mankind's history.

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