1 Transmigrate to Marvel

"I'm inevitable…" Thanos then snapped his finger while smiled wickedly. He quickly something was wrong as nothing happened. He took a look at the gloves and found the Infinity Gems has gone.

"And I'm Iron Man." Tony then snapped his finger.


Alexander watched the movie while eating a potato chips. Even though this is his third time to rewatch the Endgame, he still felt it was marvelous.

Iron Man death indeed made Alexander a little sad, but it was a perfect end for Tony Stark. Alexander felt a little pity too for Black Widow death, but it was nothing compared to Iron Man death.

Captain America finally got his date with Peggy after 80 years. And many more exceptional moment showed throughout the movie.

After the credit scene was showing itself, Alexander grabbed his remote to turn off the TV. Just before Alexander pressed the turn off button, the credit scene that showed on the TV changed into a line of text.

[Enter the Marvel Universe]

[Yes] [No]

Alexander confused why his TV would show something like this. This line of text never appeared before as he already watched Endgame two times back then.

Alexander rose from his sofa and walked toward the TV. He observed the TV carefully as he tries to find clues from it.

'Hmmm, must be James with his prank. Damn it, he thought I'm that stupid to believe something like this ?' Alexander swears in his mind.

Alexander found the line of text floated above the TV screen, just looks like a Hologram. He curiously tries to touch it and accidentally press the Yes button.

Immediately, a black vortex appeared from the TV screen and sucked everything from the surrounding. Alexander shocked by the black vortex that suddenly appeared from his TV screen. He tries to grab anything to resist the vortex suction.

Alas, Alexander effort is futile as the vortex sucked the whole room into it. In just 10 seconds, the entire room sucked into the vortex along with the gravel beneath it.

Nobody noticed this phenomenon as Alexander lived alone, and it was in the midnight.


Alexander woke up with a headache. He looked around with confusion, tries to comprehend what just happened.

Alexander discovered he was sitting on a single military-style bed placed in a big room. In the peripheral of his bed, there was numerous same military bed, and the room was of the retro style.

Alexander quickly knew he was on a military barrack. He was alone in the room, which he finds it's lucky as he needs to sort out his mind.

A moment ago, he was alone in his room watching Avenger: Endgame. Then a line of text suddenly appeared when he wanted to turn off his TV. Then a vortex appeared when he touched the Yes button, and here he is.

Alexander suddenly oozed a cold sweat when he though the event that just happened. He remembered the line of the text clearly, which is whether to enter the Marvel Universe.

Connected with the black vortex that appeared and sucked him in, Alexander has a reason to believe that he was in the Marvel Universe right now! Even though he was an avid Marvel fan, he didn't want to personally transmigrated to the Marvel Universe itself!

Alexander thought quickly interrupted as someone entered the room.

"Alex, do you feel better now ?" A short skinny man with a blonde hair walked toward Alexander.

Alex just silent as he didn't know what to replies. The man then placed his hand onto Alexander temple.

"Hmmm, you already better right now. Colonel Phillips was angry when you faint, but I think it's ok now." The man said while he sat on the side of Alexander.

Alexander looked at the man, and a bunch of cards popped out from him.

[Bicycle Driving Skill - Intermediate]

[Military Boxing - Elementary]

[Rifle Marksman - Elementary]

[Cooking - Beginner]


[Military Soldier Uniform - Common]

Then a bunch of other everyday skill and item popped out from the blonde man in the form of a card. Alexander shocked by the sudden appearance of the card.

'Is this my cheat ?' Not just being an avid Marvel fan, Alexander was an otaku too. So he always read the various type of novel whenever he bored. Based on the novel stereotype, the bunch of cards that come out from the blonde man maybe his cheat!

A transmigrator always received a cheat in many forms. Since a black vortex can suddenly appear from a TV screen and brought him into another Universe, Alexander world view has been undergoing earth-shaking change.

"What's wrong, Alex? Do you feel uncomfortable right now ?" The blonde man asked with a worried face.

"Ahh, it's ok. I am just thinking of something just now. Hmmm, what just happened, and where are we now? My mind is a little bit confused right now." Alexander said while rubbed his temple.

"Are fever can caused a confused mind? Nevermind, we are at the Camp Lehigh right now, and you just fainted because of a heat stroke while we are training." The blonde man answered with a confused face.

Camp Lehigh! As an avid Marvel fan, Camp Lehigh is something that very familiar to Alexander. It was a US Military Base in New Jersey where 107th platoon stationed and it was also used for the Project Rebirth test place.

What does it mean? It means Alexander potentially was in the same camp as Steve Roger, the famous Captain America! It was also indicated the time now is around World War 2 from the information revealed by the blonde man.

Alexander eyes almost popped out when he is thinking about something. He looked at the blonde man and found he was familiar with this man.

"Tell me, are you Steve Roger ?" Alexander asked with red eyes.

"I'm always Steve Roger, man, that fever sure confused your mind, huh? You better check yourself to the doctor right now, maybe the fever caused something inside you." Steve answered as he stood up and looked at Alexander.

"I would go first. Colonel Phillips would be mad if I go too long. Rest well for today, I will convey your situation to Colonel Phillip, I'm sure he will understand." Then Steve walked out of the room.

The whole room was silent after Steve left it. Alexander freeze in his stance as he thinks about what happened just now. Then he laughed until tears start to come out from his eyes.

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