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First of all, to the people that say this novel is plagiarism, it was totally false! Even though the early setting was the same, but that's it. The rest of the story is completely exceeded the so-called original. Don't be discouraged Author-san, we would continue to support you. Don't hear that that criticism that false, just do your story :)


I Know that look like this story is the same as « I am in Marvel » but that just the « power » of the heros which is the same... for the rest i found out that’s absolutely not the same story (even if the two story start at the same Time but that not illegal). And to finish i will just tell that I chose this story over the other one (I am in marvel) this one is better. Author/translator (I’m not sure) continue like this it’s perfect


For those who say this is stealing then why original one steals from marvel, you shouldn't say this is stealing when you can't say to original that is stealing. I am with you absolutely stealing amazing work better than original please continue.


-Terrible writing quality - Author rushes through work - World and character development assumes that you are familiar with the marvel universe.


The story is good and mc'background is good to we already know that the reputation of U.S Army and the government in the MCU is very bad. Why would the author ruin it by making the mc display his powers in front of public. This is not a magic show.


Okay so for those who claim plagiarism... You're completely wrong. Ever read a book or watch a movie and thought "It would be great if they did this instead"? Well that's what I think happened with this author. He has made his own version of a fan-fic. By chapter 5 you can already see minor changes, by chapter 10 there are obvious changes and by 15 you can tell they're completely different books. The author has done a great job with the novel and I can't wait to read more.


Okay, everyone is saying that this fanfic exceeds the original (I am in marvel), wtf are you on about? Are you fu*ken retarded? The grammar and writing are readable but there are also fu*ken flaws in em. Also, I am in marvel is much better than this (in my opinion). (Most reviews are either four or five stars, I'm guessing their standards are pretty low considering that this fanfic is meh in my opinion.


Dont waste your time with this one, updates are 1 chapter per tow week sometimes one per month, authore is unrelaiable and got some nasty attitude with readers, 1/5 hopeless novel


Very good Start for the story. always wondered what it would be like if someone reincarnated/transmigrated into marvel in captain america´s timeline


**in a shady web alley** "You! Hey you! Yeah you, author man. C'mere... You want spirit stones, I got premium spirit stones, I can hook you up.. but first I'm gonna need something from you." *Glances both ways and whispers* "Chapters."  


The idea's good but the story pales when it comes to execution. The chapter's are small and the grammar needs an overhaul. There are a lot of O.C.s (Original Characters) and characters lack depth. I recommend the author to scrap this version of the story, then get a beta reader or editor and post it as a brand new fanfiction. Increase of word length and complexity along with a steady update schedule is the key to attracting more readers while keeping the existing reader base hungry for more. Till then, I'm going to stop reading this fanfiction. I hope that the author will consider my views. Yours sincerely, BasiliskFang.


First I set 5 stars, now 3. And here's why: in chapter 30, the author ruined the story. I had great expectations for this story. I was hoping that the MC would keep his strength in the circle from everyone, build up strength with his sister, without attracting attention. But instead, the MC did something stupid by showing his abilities to the military. The author, why repeat the story by analogy with "I'm in Marvel"? We already have a story where the MC behaves like a hero of humanity saving everyone around. Me and I think many others hoped to see another development of events in your story ... I'm sorry, but I think that I will give up reading this story ...


bro please do not drop this ive had enough most of you authors have a very good story and the reader can tell its going somewhere good but suddenly without even giving us a logical reason you either delete it or it gets dropped so please dont be like them this novel is very good so please frequent updates or at least tell us why your leaving it


The grammar is horrible makes the reading almost impossible in my opinion, if it was fixed it MIGHT be a decent story. His ability allows him to become way to overpowered way too fast, the story itself moves way too fast. All in all just skim through it fast because you won't miss anything too important.


I think story is pretty good !! at least dont drop before 100 chapters ! i will give your story 9/10 and it is one of the best marvel fanfic on web novel


I just binged this story today and I love it. The beginning I was uncertain about it, but it really took off in a great way! The grammar is a little rough, but in my opinion not enough to make it difficult to read. Thanks author for sharing this story and I hope you don’t drop the novel!




I'm really enjoying the story so far! I've never seen a Marvel fanfiction start this far back in the timeline and it's incredibly interesting. The fact that the author is building the MC's background gradually instead of in a bunch of info dump chapters in a row keeps my engagement while reading. I'm looking forward to see where this goes! Keep it up author!!


This novel has a great potential. Just don't get other powers from things like naruto, one piece , etc. Those things are ****ty. But he can create a spatial dimension where he can plant trees,flowes and do farming. I think you can add cooking too it will not make the novel monotonous and boring. He can also build things like guns,tanks,submarine,ships,cars too. He should also create a special organisation spreading all over the world using things like superhuman serum. And lastly build space ships


Love the the little introduction to the novel... except one little thing, THANOS. He may be powerful, but there are more, way more, threatening, dangerous, awesome villains than that purple dude. Why purple? He putting shame on my boy Beerus, The God of Destruction! Anyways, 5stars!