1 Transmigration System

'Bored… I really want to transmigrate as Natsu, Naruto, Toriko, Goku or even as that slime Rimaru Tempest if I remember his name right… I would even agree to do missions there or reincarnate as a side character, even if it's a moob if I can get at least 3 wishes to change something I may not like, even if that something is how the character look, receive new capabilities or something that will only affect that character. I mean I'm not a pervert, I'm not a psychopath and I'm not too greedy, and I would only want to save and help people during my life there. I even started to believe that Buddha, Jesus, Allah and all the other deities on Earth are just fictional figures by the fact that I live a normal life, since everything in my life it's too normal. Well, let's just sleep as it's 2 am and even if I don't want to take that exam tomorrow, I don't have enough credit to pass the year. 😢'

[Wish recorded]

[Wish can be granted]


[Analyzing potential Host…]

[Analysis complete…

[Potential Host's personality is Chaotic Neutral;

[Potential Host's soul strong enough;

[Potential Host's affinity… all]

[Bonding Host… Complete]

[Stopping time on Host's world... storing his body... bringing his soul in Void… Complete]

[Initializing Host's Welcoming protocol]

'Huh? Wasn't I sleeping just now? Wait.. Where is this? This place… am I going to meet a deity or a system? I could swear I heard a robotic voice in my dream, so it's a system, no?'

[Yes host. As expected of a semi-otaku]

'So I wasn't imagining things, huh? But why semi-otaku?'

[Because unlike a typical Otaku, you actually had many friends in RL and you are not really active on Facebook, Instagram and so on, you only use the instant messaging services on this platforms. Plus you are not focused on only one country's multimedia, but you are also looking to American media, Korean media, Chinese media and even Russian media.]

'Ok… so tell me the usual basic info like what can you do, what's my situation, can I return or not on earth, and how should we start the adventure?'

[At least you ask the right thing unlike some idiotic MCs. To start it of, I'm an omnipotent system that would bind to a host that has a strong soul and desire.

[When I bind to them, I am modifying my abilities and capabilities to fulfill my new host's true desire

[As such, in your hands, I'm a Transmigration System that will let you transmigrate as an existing character of any media you may know and make 3 initial changes to said character.

[After you stayed in a world as a character till the character's body reached the age of 30 or the story is finished, you will be able to transmigrate again or go to Earth to meet you family and friends.

[When in your original world, you can even stay just 5 minutes and return to your adventure.

[As for my other capabilities, they are Inventory, Achievements, Store, Map, Status and Training ground.

[As for how should we start, it's simple: tell me how would you like to start.]

'Before that, can you tell me if I get some buffs by default during my travels?'

[Well, one of your deepest desires is to become an author later in your life, so you got "Absolute Memory" skill.

[Since you actually want to choose bloody characters that love to fight and there is a risk of dying, you get "Absolute Regeneration" skill.

[But you are very disorganized and somebody needs to remind you to take a shower and change cloths if you get dirty during the day, you got the skill "Absolute Condition".

[Usually, you will need to wish for this skills, but I would rather give them to you free of charge since I also have my own pride and would hate to have a Host that would be very uncaring of his appearance.]

'It harts to hear it directly, but it's true. Besides, I like to take very hot and long showers, and most of the time I hate the fact to hurry up. But even if it's my excuse, it's true.'

[I know. You had a very weak constitution all your life and your body's temperature was always by 3 or 4 degrees Celsius lower then the norm, and you hated winter to the bones.]


[I would also give you fictional communication, so you will be able to communicate, understand, read and write in this world as if you would be a native in there.]

'I would like to let loose in my first transmigration, so how about becoming a Saiyan? I want to know if being a Saiyan will affect my emotions, my thinking and will truly make me a battle maniac.'

[Good choice. I forgot to mention that you can use the body from a transmigration to your others too, but you can only choose to change your 3 wishes, not add 3 wishes at every transmigration. So using a Saiyan for your first transmigration can be a very good thing for you.]

'By the way, can you make it so I could use the body of a Saiyan named Zeleric, an OC Saiyan that I found on Pinterest, but without his backstory, and if somebody will try to investigate, make it so that {I had appeared from an erased timeline during an event where something very wrong happened}?'

[I can create the timeline that all the events happened like the original artist imagined |AN: Sorry for the copyright| and then erase it because the timeline itself become unstable. Since I made this your backstory, you can choose the timeline and when in the timeline to appear, plus the planet you would.]

'Troublesome. The first event where a space-time fissure can be created is the explosion of Planet Vegeta, then the explosion of Planet Namek. After that, it's the end of the Cell Games where Gohan and post-mortem Goku released that huge Kamehameha waive to finally defeat Cell. The first two are out of question since I would die and revive indefinitely in space till I would somehow arrive on the surface of a planet AND I would be able to at least breath there.'

'On the other hand, during the Cell Saga, the timeline would have advanced too much for my liking, and the only thing that I may be able to do to make any difference is to advice them to train harder and somehow offer higher knowledge. But I'm not an expert in Ki or martial arts, neither do I want the original OC's memories as he is too pitiful and later aggressive, plus he kind of joined the Galactic Patrol by his emblem and besides knowledge between an alternate dimension's galactic empires and powers… I have a feeling that he didn't learn much, just the basics that are not custom made for Saiyans or him in particular. As for en later in the timeline, just don't mention it.'

[I can offer any kind of knowledge and technique for free, and I can also optimize what I offer then transfer the knowledge to a target if that's what you worry about.]

'But still... I kind of want to be in that world as early as possible…'

'Or can you make it so Bulma would make a wish for a worrier strong enough to stop Goku's rampage to appear during the Pilaf Saga? Even if it's amusing how that pig (literally) wished for a woman's panties, it can be cut off. That way I can have a nicer "backstory" and I could make an appearance there, but remove my tail permanently until I would want to transform in SS4 or Oozaru.'

[That can become your background then. Now then, before going to the wishes, tell me if you really want to be 21 years old and keep that appearance and cloths. I'll show you what that info website tells about him:

Name: Zeleric Buyota

Birth: December 24

Age: 21

Height: 1.87 m (6'2)

Weight: 106 kg (234 lbs)

Ki: Black with inner white (it only specific the color, not value or how much BP he has, but he can destroy planets)

Aura: purple

Constitution: a little bulky; Vegata's style]

'To be honest, I like how he looks, except the Galactic Patrol logo on his cloths, but will I waste one of my wishes if I want it removed?'

[For only that, no.]

'Excellent. Then for my 3 wishes, I want the fallowing:

1. I want to have about the same amount of Ki, magic and spiritual energy, as I want to get used to all 3 in this life, and when rising only one of them, the other 2 would rise constantly to not be too far behind.

2. I want every characteristic of a Saiyan to rise constantly, as in my bloodline to constantly evolve and become legendary, ancient, ancient legendary and so on as time passes, my constitution, strength, speed, stamina, intelligence, intuition, instincts, talents and so on to rise constantly and innately, while my Zenkai will become more and more effective as time passes.

3. I wish for eternal youth and be able to give it to others too.'

[All of them are possible, but your second wish will develop very slowly over time, as it effects the blood essence of your new body. The only way to speed up the process is to be constantly under presure of training and fighting.]

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