1 About savvylovesbangtan

Hello I'm savvylovesbangtan author of Deepest attractions, One time only, He dosen't love me, His love faded, BTS scenarios, as well as many in progress and future stories to come! I wanted to create this so you could get to know me better! I'm a female from the United States who loves to write! My journey as a writer started when I was 12 when I wrote a story called "it starts off as a pool party" for episode. I started the story in INK but then started writing the Limelight version however I couldn't keep up with the coding so I quit before I could release the Limelight version. I got wattpad in mid to late 2019 when a friend recommended it to me for FF's. One again I wanted to write a story so I released my first story "Deepest attractions" a few months later. I then wrote "One time only", " BTS scenarios", and "He dosen't love me". I loved writing for wattpad however I had to stop writing for the platform because it as hacked. A few weeks before I found out wattpad was hacked a friend recommend Webnovel to me. I downloaded the app and became hooked! There were so many amazing author's with beautiful works to read. One of my fav author's from webnovel also wrote for wattpad and inspired me and made me want to write for webnovel as well as wattpad. I eventually ended up putting my stories on webnovel. When I found out wattpad was hacked and that they hid it from us for over a month I felt I couldn't trust the app anymore so I decided to do away with wattpad and only write for webnovel. I think I began writing for a few reasons. 1 reason is because in 3rd grade I wrote an assignment for class and one of my classmates jumped up and said "you wrote that?!". I ended up getting an award from my teacher at the end of the year because of my work and his acknowledgment but of course he denied it when the teacher gave me the award as he was cool ans I was not. Another reason is because in 6th grade I wrote a villan story for a group project however I did all of the work. I really loved this story and it encouraged me to write more. My final reason for writing is because of the way it make me feel. I don't know why but the idea of being able to be whoever you want to be and create a world that's anything and everything you want it to be just captivates me! I love being able to make up an imaginary world and having me or my characters be whoever I want them to be. These are what contributed to me becoming a writer as a hobby. I have no idea what I want to be in life as I have many hobbies and have had many dreams in my life. Recently I have taken interest in a career I believe can help me display many of my hobbies. This career would be writing novel and then turning them into screen play for movies and then designing the costumes/clothing for the characters and maybe even writing songs for the movies. I still have a long time until I have to pick a career as I am still in school but I like to have a plan in life. I plan on writing more FF as well as non FF. I enjoy reading, writing, dancing, listening to music, drawing, cooking, and hanging out with friends. I became a BTS ARMY in August of 2019. I listen to songs from other groups and solo artists however I don't consider myself a multi or their fan because I haven't taken the time to match names with faces or get to know them or their fandom like I have with BTS and ARMY. I won't reveal my age or state as to protect my privacy but I can tell you my name which is Savannah. You can call me Savannah, Savvy, Sis, or Author I don't really care feel free to call me whatever! My favorite color is turquoise or any shade of blue. my favorite food is french fries with ranch and my favorite drink is milk. My current favorite pop song is "Before you go by Lewis Capaldi, My favorite kpop song from another artist besides BTS is "Maria" by Hwasa. I don't really have a favorite BTS song since I love all of their songs and I can't pick just one. My favorite chip is lays cheddar jalapeno and lays sour cream and onion. My favorite pop/soda is squirt which is a witeish graoe fruit flavored drink. My favorite lunchable is the nacho one. I do like pineapple on pizza. I absolutely LOVE spicy food! I can't handle foods that are to sweet or I feel like I'm gonna get sick. I hope to try Chinese hot pot one day. I want to visit China, Japan, South Korea, Hawii, and New York. I play the flute and I'm taking a Spanish class. I hope to learn Korean one day and maybe even other languages! Even though my family was born in America and celebrate american holidays I'm allegedly Dutch, Scottish, Irish, and Cherokee Indian. I hope to one day learn about my heritage and adapt and adapt and celebrate their culture. 2 fun facts about my family are My great grandpa on my mom's side fought in WW2 and my grandma on my dad's side was born in Africa. I don't talk to anyone anymore on my dad's side of the family including my dad for personal reasons which I will not reveal. I love kids and hope to have 3 girls and 1 boy in the future. I already have picked out the 1st and middle names of my daughters two of which will be named after BTS songs. I had deppression from when I was about 7 up untill last year before I found BTS. I would say my depression was at it's worse last year and BTS and my friends and family helped me through it as it was my first time opening up about having depression to anyone. I have self esteem issues mainly regarding my weight. Sometimes I feel confident with my body but other times I feel ugly and awful. I'm not fat but I'm chubby in my lower abdomen. I have long brown wavvy hair which I love dyeing ( it's curretly purple). My eyes are sometimes blue grey and other times blue green. If you look closely when my pupil is small I have orangeish brown spots in them. If you have read this far thank you for taking the time to get to now some things about me! This about me was created on Aug 23 2020 and was finished at 11:46 PM.