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1 Chapter 1: Prologue


[Good morning new player. Ready to start your quest on becoming the world grates?....]

Eyes open slowly*

*Huh... a white ceiling? and that voice just now, was it in my head? What?! Where am I? Uh... wasn't I... in a dungeon fighting a bos...

"Shit where is he."

Looks around, but there is nothing out of the ordinary.

*Ah my head hurts...*

Touches head and notices that there are bandages on it, but decides to ignore them.

*I can't fully remember what happened after I got trap, and how did I end up here? Is this a hospital?*

A nurse in the hallway pass by the room, glance at the window of the door, and notice that the patient is awake. The nurse rapidly open the door.

Bam* (door opening hard)*

"Ahhhhjk.... "

A surprise scream from the patient.

"Mr. are you alright?..."

The nurse asked nervously, and as she ask the patient quickly reply.



The nurse had a refreshing look on her face after hearing the patient answer.

"Thank god.... Hold on a minute I'll call the doctor over?"

The nurse rapidly turn around, and head to the door at a quick pace, just before she closes the door the patient said.

"Wait, I have a question. Where am I!"

The nurse turn around and with a smile responded.

"You are in Santos Hospital"

"Huh l.... but... isn't this place really expensive?"

With a mile the nurse replied.

"Yes, yes it is."


In the year 2015, January 1st, New Year, a big flash of light cover the entire planet Earth, and as it

came it left, but after the flash of light, nothing on earth was ever the same.

Almost 50 years have passed since the phenomenon that brought many new things to the planet. For one, many people around the world started to develop some type of uncanny magical abilities, the abilities can quite literally be anything for example being able to sore through the sky like a bird to being able to breathe underwater like a fish, there are many variations of this abilities.

Some people are able to cast spells with simple chanting, spells that can either make you stronger, give you the ability to fly, increase your speed, or even heal you. This new world is very much like video games, and like in any good video game, there are monsters.

Monsters that could only be seen or heard of in fairy tales of the past are now real. These monsters can be found in dungeons all around the world, these so-called dungeons are able to appear virtually anywhere including in the middle of cities. To deal with these monsters a new system in the world was created "THE HUNTERS SYSTEM" this system allows people to go into the dungeons, and fight the monster for incredible resources that could only be found in there, with this new system that developed soon after the event, the world had changed forever.

The year 2064 December 29, 3 days before New Year's.

Morning 7:30 a.m. City X, in a lonely neighborhood, in an apartment complex.

cough, cough*

"Bro are you OK?"

A young boy sitting on a couch ask.

"Ah...yeah... cough*... am fine, don't worry about it, is just a small cold."


The young boy pouts.

A door from one the the apparent rooms opens, a young pretty miss comes out of the room, heads to the living room ware the young boy is and sits next to him on the couch.


The girl says.


The two boys respond.

"Hey, big bro when will breakfast be ready?"

"In a minute Lilith. Can one of you turn on the T.V and put it on the news channel?"

An "OK" is heard from both siblings.

Lilith reaches for the remote faster than her little brother. She looked at him with a smug face, the remote was on the table in front of her, so she was closer, turns on the T.V to channel 65, the news channel.

"Hey, breakfast is ready."

Ike the older brother is now serving breakfast on the table.Both siblings get up and go directly to the table sitting across each other.

"Sorry is the same thing every day."

Lilith quickly responds with a bright yet sassy look on her face as she picks up the for and stars eating.

"And as I keep telling, it's fine."

Ike smile.

They all look at the T.V..

"In other news, another Dungeon opens in city Z, the hunters quickly dealt with it, and no casualties were found. Up next... 3 days before New Year, what will you do?"

*Our parents died a few years ago and ever since I have been taking care of these two.

*A the age of 16 I became a hunter since it supposed to bring a lot of money. I have no ability that can be bragged about, but is enough to earn my keep.

"Well am of to work, since you guys are on your brake please do your chores."

"Yeah, yeah, but bro be sure not to get badly injured this time, OK?"

" I will give it my all. Well later."

Both the girl and boy say bye. Ike puts on a jacket since it's cold outside pike up his backpack from the couch and is ready to head out.

Clicked ( sound of door opening)*

Clicked ( sound of door closing)*

Ike reaches into his back pocket to pull a key out and lick the door. Puts the key back.

Ring, ring, ring*(phone ringing).

Ike reaches in to his front right pocket and pulls out his phone, and answers right away.


The sound of a masculine voice.

"Ah.... yes, Ike, are you in your way?"

Yes, I am going down stairs as we speak."

"Grate, am already at the location man, hurry."

"Yeah I'll be there soon."

"Well then see you."

"Ok, bye."


On city X, in the location were the dungeon is, Ike will be participating in.

Chatter, chatter.

"Ok, listen up everyone start getting ready, Ike said he'll be here soon, and as soon as he is, will be heading in."

"Ok you are the boss."

"Yeah, let's go."

10 people will be participating in this dungeon raid a "Party".

There are some requirements to go on a dungeon raid, first you need a party of at least 10 People, then the rank of the dungeon can't be that much higher than that of the participants, to avoid casualties.

Dungeons are rank from F the weakest to S the strongest, and the same goes for people.

Step, step, step. (:the sound of steps)*

*I hope that I make more money this time*

"Hummm didn't they said that the dungeon was near? In Dunbar street I believe"

Ike looks around for the street name.

[Dunbar St.]

With a bright smiling face and a loud voice.

"Ah!! There it is"

A cute girl walking past him looked at him and chuckled.

Ike blushes and looks down out of his embarrassment.

*Keep walking, keep walking*

"It should be just around the corner."

"There he is. Ike hurry we are ready and are waiting for you."

"Yes, yes. Am sorry Tom, it's just that I got a little lost on my way here."

"It's alright man I got you. Here take this sword I know that that you don't have a weapon since the other one broke, so I got you this one."

*Tom is a C+ rank hunter pretty much and elite, and yet he is still friends with me, an E rank.

*everyone here is a lest D rank or higher, but me. They all poses such great abilities that I am jealous of. I mean I can only wield a sword and my speed strength and healing capabilities are just... just...

Tom slaps Ike on the shoulder.

Cough, cough*

"Aaaaa!!! that hurt."

Ike feeling a stinging sensation in his shoulder and rubbing it.

"WTF man what you did that for?"

"Sorry about that, but come one bro, what are you doing, daydreaming? Let's got."

Ike greats all of the hunters as they head in.

A dungeon can appear anywhere, it looks much like a cave, but with the exemption that this one comes out of no ware and is magical. The dungeon has only one entrance, and can only be closed if the dungeon boss is kill.

"Hello there Mr. Inca how is the family?"

"They are doing just fine. How is your."

"The same, good."

"Hahaha good, good. And how do you feel about today's raid on this dungeons."

Ike chuckles in silent and looks away.

"Well you know, like this day could be my last"

A loud laugh like an old man's could be heard from Mr. Inca.

"Hahahah that's the spirit"

Ike is a swordsman, but unlike his friend Tom is weak. Ike gets hurt every single time he goes on a raid eve in the weakest of dungeons.

In today's age the people who go into the dungeon and fight the monsters are called Hunters and this hunters can be divided in to different categories depending on their jobs or roles. This roles can be many things like Swordsman, Tank, Archers, Dagger wilder, Axe wilder, Spear wilder, etc... There are even more rare Jobs/roles like Assassin or Healer.

In the hunters system there are ranks E-S, but event if two people are of the dame rank their strengths are different. For example if a rank D hunter is strong enough to be compared to a low level C rank hunter, but does not have the magical capability then this hunter will be classified as a D+ hunter. All ranks have this system with the exception of S rank there is no yet a way to determine their strength.


"Lets go inside now kid."

Both of them are the last to head in.

"aaagggghhh..... How long have we been walking now?"

"Come on Emma we have only been walking for 5 minutes."

"Don't nag about it you brat, just look up ahead the caves were they monsters probably are, and what's more look to your right mana crystals."

Mana crystals just as the name suggest they are crystals made out of many made from the monsters that lure on the dungeons.

From behind everyone Ike can be seen smiling.

*Must be my lucky day, it seems like this year my siblings and I will be having a feast*

Squeaks and many steps can be heard from inside the caves up ahead

"Every one watch out the monsters are coming!! They seem to be spider type this time."

Giant like spider monster that seem to be about the same height as an average human come out from the three caves up ahead.

"Ugggg I hate bugs just look at their drolly faces and how many eyes they have, just ewww."

"Well technically they are arachnids."

With an angry face Emma quickly responded.

"Shut up Anthony before I slap you."

"Everyone get ready in to your position."

"Roger (x9)"

The tankers quickly head in with their shields and mace to the center adn stop the spiders*

"Mr. Carl and Anthony you two head to the right side."

"Roger (x2)"

"Aaaaaaaaaaaa you stupid things are going down."

"Calm down Mr. Carl ave your energy for later."

"Yeah sure i will try."

"Healer you stay behind, Mr. Inca please protect her."


"You got it Kiddo."

Archer and magician you to attack from the rear and don't separate too much from Mr. Inca."


"Ike you are with me, hurry lets head to the left side."


as they both rush to the left side the spiders com at them and they begin their attacks.

Tom quickly attach the lower body of the spiders it seem like child's play to him, but for Ike is a battle between life or death, Ike struggle to even get near it wile recklessly swinging his sword around and verily manage to hurt one. Tom had already kill two spiders while Ike had only just hurt one.

"Ike let's hurry and kill this bastard, so we can go help the Tankers."

No response from Ike, Tom even just tried calling his name.


No response again.

*Tom glance at Ike that seem to be thinking about something in the midst of battle*

*Wow everyone seems so coordinated and strong today while I am just here struggling with a single spider, dam it even the healer is doing better than me. Why am i such aaa...*

"Ike watch out!!."


The spider that Ike had injure was angry and tried aiming for his neck with one of its legs while was Ike was distracted, but just in the nick of time Tom grab Ike by his backpack and pull him away.

"Ike what are you doing? you would have died there if it wasn't for me."

Tom quickly dispatch of the soldier that attack Ike by starving its stomach open.

Ike had a small cut on his cheek ad eyed do to the spiders attack and was bleedingz

"Ike go see the healer, i got this side cover."


"Don't worry man i got this just go and heal up."

Tom smile as he said those words, but Ike know that he was very angry and just headed to were the healer was.

Ike wave at the healer wile he had blood running down his face.

"Hey there Ms. Emma."

*What happened to this guy now just look at his face*

"Sigh... so you are back huh?"

"Yes, am sorry I got distracted and got injured by a spider."

"Well that to be expected. Come here i'll heal you up."

Ms. Emma gets close and extends her arms towards Ike's face and he blushes because she is a very pretty girl at the age of 23. A yellow golden bright light comes out of Ms. Emma's hands and the wounds in Ike's face started to fade away slowly and so did the blood.

"There all done."

"Thank you, now I can go back."

"Its fine, but i honestly don't think that your help will be needed"

"what do you mean?"

Ike turns around and notice that Mr. Carl and Anthony finish with their side and now are fighting with the tankers and Tom just kill the last spider on his side and is heading to the center now.

Two people can be heard talking from the back they are in fact chanting The archer and magician both.

"Oh great Goddess of water please grant me your power and unleash a fearsome water attack my enemies."

"Oh God of wind grant me your power and guide my arrows so i can strike my enemy."

"Water blade!!

"Wind arrow."

Both of the attack are heading directly to the spiders ahead striking the on the head and legs making them fall down.

At the same time as soon as they fall to the grown two Axes strike the head of one spider. They were Mr. Carl Axe's, as he takes them out of the spiders head green blood comes out, he does the same to the other spiders.

"Hey yoo, there you two thanks for the easy kill's ahahahaha."

Mr. Inca taps Ike in the shoulder.

"Don't worry kid you did your best."

"Yeah i know bu..."

"What is that"

Chills run down Ike's, and the healers spine.

A strong magical wave can be felt from one of the caves that is getting closer and closer.

"Will talk later kid, it seems like my help will be needed in the from, you stay back OK."


"No buts is an order."

"Fine... OK."

Ike looks sad, but is able to grasp the situation do to the magical pressure that he feels cumming from the monsters

As the others finish killing the mobs the dungeon Boss finally decides to come out.

Mr. Inca gets on a running position, puts all of his strength in his legs and the muscles beginning to swell up, points the tip of his spear froward and waits patiently.

"Guys its coming get ready."

As soon as the spider is out of the cave Mr. Inca head at it with all of his strength and speed he is nothing but a blur for everyone.

*Huh where is he? he is gone, how?


A loud explosion could be heard echoing throughout the whole dungeon, everyone abruptly turned around and looked at the spider it was, Mr. Inca who had strike the boss spider right in the head and kill it in one go, the head was all smashed.

Everyone was amazed by the deed done my Mr. Inca a d rank boss killed by a D+ hunter wasn't unheard of, but single handedly it was sure a deed to be praise. Everyone hurry to the spider corps and look at it in amazed. Tom took that as an opportunity to tell everyone to get the core from the monsters that each had killed.

"Everyone listen up go collect the cores of the monsters you kill and go to Ms. Emma if you need healing."

Cores are the center of monster that can be found next to where the heart is, the value of these cores will depend on the rank of the monster and the state of the core but a single core from a D rank monster can easily go from 50-200 dollars.

The healers will almost never kill a monster but they are very useful during and a battle since they can heal the wounded, so they get paid a handsome recompense one the raid is done.

Since Ike didn't kill a single monster he decided to go and get the mana crystals there was enough for everyone. He digs in to the wall and pull out a big chunk of Red mana crystal that was covered in dirt.

*Huh red? I thought that they ware all blue or purple? O well i'll put it on my backpack fro now

Rumble, Rumble, Rumble*

A part of the cave collapses on top of him and a dirt cloud is raise.

The healer had just finish healing the tankers that ware injured and notice what happened and just like that quickly rush to help.

Cough, Cough, Cough*

Ike is coming out of the rumble.

The healer all exhausted quickly ask.

"Dam it, Ike are you OK?"

Ike now covered in dust is hurt and bruised all over, giving the healer more work.

"Arrggg, Ike i am am going to kill you for real this time, and just when I had finished my work for today"

The healer smacks Ike in the head and gives her a lecture over what just happened.



Rumble, Rumble, Rumble*

And the gate slowly disappear into the ground and finally fades away like it was never there.

"Well now that the dungeon is close will all be heading home OK."

"Yeah, sure thing guys I'll be heading to the guild and report for today."

Every one says their last words and finally go their separate ways.

*Well I may not kill a monster today, but am more than sure that this mana crystal that i have will fetch a good price I'll trade it in later in the afternoon from now i'll go home*

"Hey Ike?"


Tom walks over to Ike and puts his arm over him."

"Hey dude how about we go have a drink my treat? I mean is already 11.22 a.m."

Tom had always been nice to him no matter what even the difference in ranks and today he had even given him a new sword, so there was no way that hell say no.

With a forced smile ike responded*

"Sure thing."

"OK, I'll also pay for the food so you don't have nothing to worry about today."

They both drank and ate to their heart's content and walk around until night.

"Aaaaaaa what a great time did we have."

Yes indeed it was a great time, but Ike couldn't take it anymore hanging out with a top C+ Hunter will surely drag out any E rank no matter how good she or he was.

"Hey Ike what time is it?"

Ike quickly check his watch and quickly ask a question to Tom.

"Hey Tom at what time does the Hunter agency close today?"

"Ah… at 10 p.m.why?"

"Well because is already 9:30."

Tom is surprises to the core when he hears the time and quickly gets himself together.

"Holy shit dude i have to go now, i need to report before time or i'll be in big trouble. Am really sorry dude."

"Hey no big deal it happens to all of us."

"Well bye."

And just before they part Tom reach into his backpack and gets a nice big core that he got from a monster, adn give to Ike.

"Here man take this."

Ike was about to extend his hand and say thank you, but suddenly remembered what happened back there.

"No way man how could i take this, this is a top grade D rank core it must be worth at least $300-400, i could never take this from you."

Tom knew that ike will indefinitely refuse to take it so he put the core onto pocket of his jacket, grave ike by the shoulders turn him around, unzip the medium size pocket of his backpack and put the core inside.

"Now listen man this is not for you, but a present from me to your siblings I don't got nothing for them during christmas, so consider this a late present."

Ike quickly turn around.

"But even if you say that is still too much plus…."

But by the time he had done so, tam was already far of.

As Tom was running away he wave and said.

"Hey and don't forget to day that is from me, OK?"

"Don't worry i wont. Bye and thank you."

"Not a problem man."


Later, as Ike was walking home it was getting a bit late, so he decided to take a shortcut through an alley that is not used by many. It was really dark and cold luckily his coughing was gone.

Out of nowhere he noticed a bright light that was coming from behind him.

"What is that light?"

So he turned around, but i was gone,no? It was behind him, in fact it has on his back. I ke at that moment remembered that Read mana crystal that he pick up and quickly reach for his backpack and as he thought it was glowing bright read, so he decided to open it up.

A blinding red light came out making him cover his face, the it calmed down.

"What is this and why is it glowing?"

The crystal seem to have something inside of it a monster's core maybe.

"Huh? what is that inside?"

And as he asks the question as magic circle appear right under him covering him in a bright red light not giving him a single second to react to what was going on.

"Hey, hey, hey what's going on here hel..."

not enough time for a cry of help.

Soon enough he reappear in another place, and slowly began to open his eyes and quickly notice the difference.

"What is this, grown? dirt?… mana crystals?!!! But how? I was just in the city. Where am I? Oh no i think this is a dungeon, no, no, no, am totally gonna die if this is a dungeon".

Ike quickly got up and looked around, but all he saw was a dead end behind him a bunch of torches leading him forward.

But there was actually something else that he still had not noticed because of all the confusion a floating screen in front of him.




"What is this? You gotta be kidding me I must be hallucinating from all that i drank and ate."

He tried to shake it off by shaking his head and passing his hand over it, but it didn't seem to work.

"Uurg… what now? How do I even get rid of this? And what will happen if I answer? Let's first check if I can click on it.


-You have selected yes. The quest will commence momentarily-

"What a girl's voice in my head,. No, no, no wait cancel that i was just checking to see if it works."


-Aquest can not be cancelled once it had begun.-

"What? no this has to be a mistake."


-Reach the end of the dungeon and kill the boss "RED EYES DEMONIC TIGER" You may use any methods you like.-

[Now preparing rewards for when quest is completed]


It sounded nonsensical to get rewarded after every thing that happens so far, but Ike just didn't care anymore.


1. Become a world player.

2. Secret skill.

3. ???

4. ???-

"What how am i supposed to kill a boss all by myself, I even get injured in E rank dungeons?"


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