1 prologue

Before I tell my story, let me make one thing clear: I am not a hero, nor a villain. I am a vigilante. That's the best thing you can be in a world as corrupt as ours. A lot has changed, now that the year is 2258. Let me catch you up.

We are a superhuman society. A group of extra-terrestrial beings stole our world. We gave our planet up in exchange for power. Super powers, that is. These powers mixed in with our DNA as the years passed, creating superhumans. But that is when the issue started. Only the most powerful were recognized in society, creating two parties: Heroes, the more gifted and rich, and villains, the more insignificant and poor.

Well, the 'insignificant' people were upset by this. So, there became wars. Multiple wars,

over time, but they only resulted in useless treaties and alliances. You see, there are groups of people within the heroes and villains, the villains have more of a variety, though. For unknown reasons, masses of people began considering themselved 'good' guys and 'bad' guys, resulting in even more controversy. This drove me insane, so, I became a vigilante.

People like me are looked at shamefully. Vigilantes are — outcasts. People who were called useless. We all come from different backgrounds, no matter who you are, you are welcomed as a vigilante. This is why no one seems to care about us. Because we're different.

Villains and heroes have two places they reside in. Villains stay in a place called Myspheria, heroes stay in a place called Voldar. Us vigilantes stay relatively spread apart, but we do have one main place we stay in. We named it the Abditory. Abditory means a place where one can run to, which is initially what I did, what we all did.

In the Abditory, everyone knows eachother. For some reason, they consider me their leader. I assume it's because I usually lead them when we go on sneak missions to Myspheria and Voldar. Or maybe it's because I'm not afraid to take risks. Who knows. On missions like those we do various... activities. From vandalism to theft to arson. Depending on what mood we're in.

Let me tell you about myself, my name is Moonschia Akira, but I go by Moons. I'm a female eighteen year old. I have dark purple hair and navy eyes, my skin is very pale. I like starry skies and cats. Also, I'm totally in love with the ruler of Myspheria, Yuri. He's such a hottie! He has white hair and icy blue eyes, reflecting on his power. He can manipulate ice.

My power is, strange. Okay, so you know how shadows are everywhere? I have a physical shadow. It's stored inside of my body. I can manipulate and disperse it anywhere I please. I can pop them out of my hands and use them like blades, or use them to shield myself. I suck at controlling it and it gives me a migraine, though.

As a child, I grew up in Myspheria. I was treated kindly and I knew everyone, even Yuri. I'm not sure if he's king yet. And yes, Myspheria is a monarchy. Voldar is a capitalist place with presidents and stuff.

Yuri and I would always explore together. Until one day the Council of Elders saw us stealing from an airship carrier. It sounds more rebellious when I say it outloud. After that, we began to drift apart. Not because we wanted to, but because they made us. He began to get mean and unpleasant with me. Because of this, people began to do the same to me. I should thank them, though. They're the reason I can fight so well.

At the age of eleven, I'd had it. I decided to run away. I had no clue where to go, so I just ran, I was really scared, I was never allowed outside of Myspheria. One day, I ran across a group of nomadic vigilantes. They took me to the Abditory. As I got older, people began to recognize me more and respect me. It's the best!

But soon, I am going to make my presence known. I will show Myspheria that I am not dead, as well as Voldar. I am going to show the people who hated me what I can do now, what I am capable of.

And maybe have enchanting encounters with a hot prince.