Abandoned By An Alpha ~ Freya Rose Book Two Book

novel - Fantasy Romance

Abandoned By An Alpha ~ Freya Rose Book Two

L.P. Dillon

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Freya's life was ruined as far as she was concerned. With the love of her life, Tristan in a coma and everyone from his pack blaming her, she had no choice but to run away when he needed her the most. She knew his pack was right. The vampires would never have attacked the pack if she wasn't around. With her out of the picture, she hoped that Prince Ballan would leave them alone and follow her. Little did she know, that while on the run, she would be faced with the ultimate temptation. With her emotions running high and an unnatural magnetic attraction to Mason, she made the biggest mistake of her life. She didn't know if she'd ever be able to return home after betraying, Tristan in such a cruel way. Freya is embraced by a family that she never knew she had and they teach her how to control her new powers and violent outbursts. However, she longs to go home to her mate. Unfortunately for her, Mason claims that he is her soulmate, her Fennid. When Tristan wakes, will she be by his side? Or will Mason be able to convince her that she belongs with him?