Aaric McLin and the Curse of Castillo Book

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Aaric McLin and the Curse of Castillo


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The battle of eternity has began!!! Forces are raising!!! The whole of universe is at stake!!!! The fate of the magical world lays with four extra ordinary teenage witches and wizards. Aaric McLin : The heir of Castillo Aaythe Mohona : The brightest witch of the eternity Diego Vega :The most indigenous engineer of the magical world Keith Alfred : The undefeatable knight are about to take the first step to an ever awaiting battle. There identities are to be revealed and secrets that were buried for over a 3000 years are to be brought up... With traditions and reputation in line will they be able fulfill their destiny under the ever watchful eye of the world??? Tested by fate, destiny and society will the chosen children be able to withstand their innocence and prove that in the battle of good verses evil ... only good will forever prevail..

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