1 New Born

that was 2nd Friday of june, moon was Shining like the Sun in middle of the night. all the people in the Hybudistan ( fictional name) was sleeping except leila who was waiting for a decade to witness this day and to acquire the power of dead. By giving lifes of the new born babies who born on full moon day of 2nd Friday of June she will get this power to kill anyone from devil god and she will be as young as 50 years before by drinking their blood for every 50 years. As she was celebrating her 150th birthday that day, she was ready to take life of a new born boy πŸ‘¦ named aafman who was the younger child of Mr & Mrs shazad akthar who took birth just before 15 min to her birthday and five miles away and he was the niece of shamzan who was killed by leila 50 years before. it is destined or gods decision that the two babies she killed was from the same family. leila was laughing by knowing the fact that the same family was giving her the power of dead. now by this time Mrs. shazad gave birth to ayynam who was twin to aafman but leila didn't know the fact about the twin brother of aafman who in future was our hero.