1 Prologue

Sorry, I guess I really don't have an explaination for the wait other than the fact that I am in college now, I survived highschool yay...anyway here's a new story I'm just doing for shits and giggles your free to read and your free to drop of you don't like it.


"How did I get here?" I wondered,

"Where is here, and... why do I have a tail...wait What the fuck?! Why do I have a tail?!"

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The second I glanced at my tail my anxiety went to levels uncountable to humankind, am I even human now?

I took a deep breath,,' calm yourself Aaron this is unbecoming of you, panicking will get you nowhere.'

I calmed down slightly and glanced at my clothes, I am still in my sleepwear, nothing special you know? just some socks, some slippers, a light grey sweatpants and a pure white T- shirt.

I sighed, 'ok Aaron, what is the last thing you remember.'

My face turned thoughtful

Well I remember checking on my notification a Random person sent, what power would I choose, if I were to travel the omniverse. I thought why not it's not like it'll do me any harm, I answered and I picked, I would like to use the powers of a saiyan because It was my childhood dream to become a saiyan.

The name of the person who had sent the notification was, Robert osynero Bemdeag-

My eyes widened.

Wait a minute, Robert Osynero Bernde

Initials R.O.B or Rob.

"You've got to be fucking kidding."

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