1 An adopted sister's trust is broken

I am happy birthday my sister. Thank you! Emily why are you so kind to me? Maria here have something to eat. Thank you Emily.

Fool once you eat this you become a slut. Ha ha aha! Emily Silvana thank you for being nice to me. I might be adopted sister but you are kind. You are liked better with mom and dad.

Sure! I love you the most. Maria a little of her cake. Are you okay Maria? Something must be wrong with that cake Emily.

Are you sure? Emily was about to eat the cake. No!! She pushed Emily and fell. She pasted out.

When she woke up she next to a man. Where am I? Blood was on the bed. I need to get out of here. What happened to me?

Who was that man? I lost my virginity to a stranger. Who is he? I need to find Emily. She must have been worried.

Wait? Didn't she do this to me? She couldn't have done it right. Just before see entered her house she got a text. I am cutting ties against you mother and father.

What?! But why? Ha ha aha! She isn't a virgin anymore. No wonder they don't want her anymore.

Ha ha aha! Now this is funny. She lied to me. But why? Two months later. I am what?!

You are Pregnant. You are to be a mother. Congratulations! Miss Maria Silva you are going to be a mother. Are you sure?

Do you want to abort it? Umm? No I don't. Very well. If it's a boy please give it to his father.

Very well. I don't want to have a bastard son. I want a daughter without a doubt. Seven months later. I am nine months now.

The Doctor said I am having twins. A boy and a girl. Thank god! Who is the father? The father is Rilo Robin.

He is the richest man in the world. Wow!! If I let him have his son. But not his daughter you can't tell him who I am. Yes, miss Maria.

Thank you Doctor! The day she was giving birth. Doctor? Here is your son Mr Rilo Robin. I have a daughter to right.

Yes, but the mother said you raped her. So you can only have your son. Your daughter's name is Lily. Please name your son. She doesn't want you to see her.

But you can see your daughter. The mother was under an extremely strong drug at the time. She was what?! She couldn't move or even talk. I doubt that she could see what was going on.

All I can tell you she is an adopt child whose parents cut ties with her. But that is all. You are a man but you taken her virginity. I want to see her. She doesn't even want to see you.

You can't take the daughter. I can understand why she doesn't want me too. But she has asked you to keep them together until she can leave with her. She has a feeling that her family might try to do something. Like what?

Try use her to married you. I see now. Please watch them. Why can't we see them? I am sorry sure but I am her sister.

Sorry but the patient said no one is allowed. She even said you cut ties from her. Fine. But this isn't over. Five years later, Mommy not this story.

Why not my Lily? Mommy where is daddy? Dad is missing. Missing? Yes, not even mommy know where he is.

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